Flat Belly Diet for weight loss, eat MUFA

Eat Avocado to Lose WeightOne of my goals with this blog is I hope to browse the internet to read diet and fitness articles and give you the low down so you don’t have to search all over the place.

The article I saw tonight was by MSN and Prevention magazine titled:
Lose Inches of Belly Fat Now
Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Include Monounsaturated fats (MUFA) at each meal
  2. Have a clear calorie goal
  3. Eat Often
  4. Improve your attitude towards food. ( In other words, Think to lose weight.)

    • Manage Stress
    • Ask for help
    • Control Emotional eating

It seems that Omega 3 fats (Fish Oil and Flax seed) are the ones that have been getting all the buzz in 2007, but other oils such as MUFA’s are healthy too.

What are examples of MUFA’s (monounsaturated fats)?

  • Olive Oil, 9.8g MUFA in 1 Tablespoon, 119 calories
  • Peanut Oil, 6.2g MUFA in 1 Tbsp, 119 calories
  • Canola Oil, 8.2g MUFA in 1 Tbsp, 124 calories
  • Almonds, 12g MUFA in 1/4 cup, 212 calories
  • Peanuts, 9g MUFA in 1/4 cup, 207 calories
  • Most Nuts.
  • Avocado, 19.7g MUFA in 1 avocado, 322 calories
    (mmm, another reason to eat guacamole)

Now I notice one problem with this. Notice the quantity of calories for these foods. They’re high in calories Some people read, I have to eat more Fat to lose weight. Well, it works great, BUT, you must watch your calorie intake.

Notice Step Number 2.

Have a clear Calorie goal.

For the average woman, 1600 calories a day is a decent goal. For the average man, 1800 calories a day is a decent goal. Now, if I eat a MUFA at each meal, that does not leave much for other items such as Protein and Carbohydrates. Before I know it, I am at my calorie goal for the day, but I don’t feel full. What can I eat? Eat Vegetables! Many of these have very little calories. The key here is Journal your Food.

Eat Often

In Jorge Cruise’s book, the Three Hour Diet, he recommends eating every 3 hours. It’s the same in the Abs Diet, and Cardio Free Diet, and almost all other diets. The idea is to eat often to prevent you from getting starved. You also feel full, because you are eating all the time. Some people like to do 4 400 calorie meals. Some people say 5 300 calorie meals. Other people like to do 3 bigger meals and 2 smaller 100 calorie snacks. Regardless, by eating often, your body can easily burn the food into energy rather than eating a one or two huge meals. The body can not burn it all once. So, it stores some as fat.

Improve your attitude towards FoodEmotional Eater?

Most of us are emotional eaters. When we meet friends, we meet for coffee, drinks, dinner, lunch, or parties. All Social events where eating is concerned. We’re having fun when we eat a beautiful big meal where we’re stuffed. Come On, think about it. The Super Bowl, Thanksgiving Day, and July 4th Barbecues are all events with huge eating. We equate happiness with eating. So, what can we do? Change the equation!

Friends + Eating = Happy.

Couldn’t we change it to:

  • Friends + Morning Walk = Happy.
  • Friends + Hiking Trip = Happy.
  • Friends + pick-up soccer game or basketball game = Happy.
  • Friends + Ski Trip = Happy.

Notice the change? We’re social creatures. Making exercise a social event instead of making eating a social event. There is a strong correlation between living in an active community and physical fitness vs. a lethargic community and obesity. The obesity rates are higher in areas where exercise is not as social. So, Improve your attitude towards food. One way to do so is by making your exercise social.

Another way to do so, is by journaling. If you write what you eat, and then also write how you felt when you ate it. you can look back and help determine what caused your bout of emotional eating. Life is an experiment. We all need to find what works for us. The key though is to learn from others. Researchers are finding out what works for the majority, and that’s where you should start.

So, the Flat Belly Diet to me sounds like every other successful diet.

  • Eat less food than you Burn. (Food in < Food Out)
  • Eat the Right Foods.
  • Learn to control your Emotional Eating.
  • Measure your Goal Progress.
  • Make it social.
Photo Credit: Avocado via Flickr, by: ingserban
Photo Credit: Day 161 – Losing It, by: gotplaid?

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18 thoughts on “Flat Belly Diet for weight loss, eat MUFA”

  1. I have the Prevention Mag that this is in. I have been eating better more and more, but still not happy with where I am. I ate today with this plan in my mind. I have to tell you that the MUFA’s fill you up! I ate a small amount of chicken salad with olives and I couldn’t eat anymore. I just had a salad and some pistachios for dinner. I am stuffed. I am an emotional eater and I love food. Over weight but not obese. I do however, eat past full often. If I could manage that hurdle, I would probably drop naturally. I COULD NOT keep eating today. So perhaps it isn’t just the MUFA but MUFA’s with bulk that have satisfied me. Not sure, but I am thrilled for today. Just my 2 cents….

  2. KP– I’m glad to hear this Flat Belly Diet is working for you. We all have to find what works for ourselves. I’m with you. My own portion distortion allows me to eat past full often too. There’s another take on “bulk” food called Volumetrics. I have not read the book, but I’ve heard some good things. I plan to review the plan in the future. Again, keep up the great work.

    Remember, you need to Think to Lose weight. By being conscious of what, how, why, where, when you eat and who you eat with, you’ll be able to help control that emotional eating.

    Thanks for you comments.

  3. If you read the article you discover that a serving of avocado is only 1/4 cup or 1/4 of an avocado by my measurement this morning. It’s interesting to me that some of these foods are CORE on WW’s (the avocado and the olives), but other foods are either limited (oils) or not CORE foods. Of course if you’re on WW’s and doing Core you could use your WPA to include more MUFA foods (or you could just eat a lot of avocado and olives -not a painful option to be sure and use your extra points for CHOCOLATE!).

  4. Thanks Liz for your comparison to Weight Watchers. I always find it interesting what one diet or fitness program recommends vs another.

    Everyone is different. So it makes sense that some diet programs are going to work for some people better than others. The key about all of them is finding the one that will help you lower your food in (eat less food) and increasing your food out (exercise).

  5. The funny thing about diets and weightloss plans are their are so many and all do not work for everyone. The thing that you have to do is to keep trying different plans until you find the one that gets you the results you are looking for.

    The most important thing is to keep on trying and you will find it.

    If you check out enough diet sites you will find certain things that run through all of them and these generally are the things that you use to create your diet foundation.

    I kept on searching until I found one that would allow me to eat whatever I wanted and still get in shape. I also shared this with some other people who thank me daily.

    Keep trying and don’t stop!

  6. I’ve been doing MyAlli since mid June and have noticed that my inches lost exceed what I expected given a 13 pound weight loss. I’m just now hearing about MUFAs and realized that my food plan has gravitated towards MUFAS. I never ate PB before and didn’t think walnuts or olives belonged in a weight loss program. Wrong! Now I’m even more excited about adding more MUFA’s because I know that’s why I’m losing the inches.

  7. Consider a low carb diet. Not all carbs are bad. Low carb diet plans let you eat “good” carbohydrates, whole grains and beans, and have you avoid “bad” carbs, things like flour and sugars. Several popular low carb plans such as the South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, and the Sonoma Diet offer very different approaches to weight loss. But which low carbohydrate diet plan is best for you? Here’s a quick look at all three: http://www.atkins-diet-advisor.com/low-carb-diet-plans.html

  8. I’ve order the Flat Belly Diet book and I was worndering what is the jumpstart food or drink that is mentioned

  9. To answer your question Beverly, the jump start food and drinks mentioned are part of the 4-day anti-bloat plan. The authors give specific suggestions on what foods to avoid in order to prevent bloating (such as spicy food, soda, raw veggies, etc.) The drinks they recommend on the 4-day anti-bloat part of the diet include a variety of smoothies, of which they provide the recipes, and the authors’ “sassy” water which is a combination of lemons, fresh ginger, cucumbers, and spearmint leaves. I have not tried their version of sassy water, but have tasted similar at day spas and it is delicious.

  10. Awesome post! However, the part about the social eating is that eating is so ingrained in or society that it takes more than just being “happy” to change our mindsets and perspectives about social gatherings. Who doesn’t want to go to a meeting that promises great free food??

  11. This is some really great information that we can all use. The MUFA’s are found in foods that are good for everyone and will make you feel good regardless of whether or not you are trying to lose your belly.

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