Grow 10 Percent 

The problem with habit creation like exercising, eating healthy, or publishing daily is that we are not perfect.  We are human.  It is easy to see a big goal like I’m going to exercise every day this week.  That’s a great goal.  Yet, sheer willpower may not be able to achieve the goal.  It’s about building slowly.  

For me, I think I have mentioned, I have this challenge with running.  Since I swim 3000+ yards a day, 5 days a week, I have excellent endurance in swimming.  My body is not conditioned for running.  Yet, if you asked me to go run a 10k tomorrow, I am sure I can do it.  THEN, I will not be able to run for two weeks.  If I went out and ran a mile every day, I would probably fail by the fifth day.  My body is just not conditioned for running.  

Instead, I have to start tiny.  Can I run for five seconds?   Then go back to walking.  For you, the challenge may be, can I just get my shoes on today?   Do that for a week?  Everyday, just get your shoes on.  That’s all I want you to do.  If you try to push it, you may injure yourself or break your willpower.  Next week, you put your shoes on and walk down the driveway.  The following week, walk around the block.  They key is only increase each week about 10%.  

Does this take a long time?  Yes, but you are breaking years of sedentary habits.  Your body does not want to exercise, eat healthy, or write daily, because that’s not what it is used to.  It’s used to the previous norm.  So, you need to shift the norm. You are steering your own personal titanic of habits.  It will move.  You can do this.  It just takes tiny habit after tiny habit daily.  These tiny decisions compound and eventually you are running that mile, or eating healthier.  

Here’s an example of how compounding helped me: Yesterday, I went to three different grocery stores all in one day looking for ice cream.  Each time, I was able to turn away empty handed, because I know that I need to get back on my healthy eating track.  It’s okay for me to indulge once in a while, but I know if I buy a quart of ice cream, I will indulge every day that next week. I would not have been able to do that months ago.  Now, I can.  

Of course, there will come a day, where you will break your streak.  You will fall off the habit.  You must not berate yourself.  In the past, I’d get mad at myself.  This comes back to holding ourselves to high standards.  I do it.  I am competitive.  I want to be the best.  I want to do what I will say.  So, when I fall off, I have to forgive myself and start over.  Adjust the habits.  Maybe I’m trying to be too big.  For example, daily writing my swimming workouts.  I’ve struggled to do so.  Maybe that’s too big for me.  For me, maybe daily writing needs to start smaller.  Instead of running the mile everyday, I just need to sit at the keyboard and type for 2 minutes each day and let that be enough.  Then, grow 10% weekly/monthly/annually.  

Today’s Swim Workout 3500 Yards

Dryland Exercises

Today’s Friday, so that means Butt & Calves

4 X

  • 12x 15 Lb Standing Calf Raises
  • 12x On All Fours, Raised bent Leg Straight up focused on Butt  Do it for each Leg.  

Core Workout

  • Upper Abs:  15 crunches
  • Lower Abs:  15 reverse crunches bent leg ups
  • Side Abs:  12X Oblique V Crunches each side
  • Back:  12x Reverse Crunch on Exercise Ball
  • 60 Second Full plank


500 Warmup

1x 150 Freestyle no flip turns

1x 150 Freestyle with flip turns

1x 100 backstroke

1x 100 breast stroke

500 Drills

150 Kick with Kickboard

100 Backstroke Kick

150 Kick with kickboard

100 Backstroke Kick

Main Set

1 x 500 Freestyle with Pull Buoy & Paddles

1 x 250 Backstroke with Paddles

1 x 750 Freestyle

1 x 150 freestyle Kick with flippers and kickboard

1 x 100 backstroke kick with flippers

1 x 150 freestyle kick with flippers and kickboard

1 x 100 backstroke Kick with flippers

500 Cooldown

1 x 250 Freestyle with Pull Buoy & Paddles

1 x 250 Freestyle no tools


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