Pick and Commit Time to Exercise, 10 minutes a day. Ground Hog Day 2009 Fitness Resolutions.

Groundhog Day is here and gone, but there is still time for you to resolve to be better. David Seah, the first person I know to talk about Groundhog Day Resolutions explains his GDR ideas. Leo at Zen Habits talks about Groundhog day resolutions too. It is in the air!  So, is 6 more weeks […]


14 days to Groundhog day, What are you doing about it?

Every year, people make New Year’s Resolutions. Every year, Most people break their resolutions by U.S.’s Groundhog day,  (Feb 2) What are you going to do about breaking your resolutions? I resolved this year, not to make resolutions until Groundhog day (a la David Seah).    Now, you ask why?  The Party Forces are against you. […]