Change Comes Through Action!

Virtues don’t come through simply thinking about them. You have to “exercise them.” Aristotle’s promise is this: if you want a virtue, act as if you already have it and then it will be yours. Change comes through action. Act first, then become.
via How to Feel Like a Man | The Art of Manliness.

If you want to be thin, then act as you already are thin.

If you want to be fit, then act as you already are fit.

If you want to lose weight, then act as if you already lost weight.

How do I mean?  Basically, What do fit people do?  They exercise consistently.  What do thin people do?  They eat consciously and sparingly.

The body follows the mind.  Where is your mind taking you?

9 thoughts on “Change Comes Through Action!”

  1. yes , if you want something then this is time that you take action . if you want to lose weight then you think that you already lose weight and try to lose more and then for losing weight , you have to take immediate action like take care of your diet , do exercises , walk .

  2. More than training programs, diets plans, personal instructors, gyms and boot camps, the most important step is taking action

  3. I like this article. There is no magic tool that will give you good shape once and for all. Each recommendation, diet, workout or whatever has to be implemented regularly. Still, there are things which might help on your way. For me it is nutritional supplement Navy Seal Formula by MGNutritionals. When I need a kick, this staff works best. Just natural, pure energy. It improves my workouts and helps me keep fit.

  4. You are absolutely right on this one. A person simply cannot lose weight without exercising and dieting. To reach a weight loss goal, effort and hard work is need. Change will always follow when it is acted upon but if not, the opposite happens.

  5. I agree on everything you said here. You can achieve great things if you believe on yourself and act positively all the time. Do not let the negativity force you to give up. This is really inspiring.

  6. Wouldn’t you say that this is the power of positive thinking at play here?
    It’s part Law of Attraction and part philosophy.

  7. Hey Brad, I don’t think its thinking. I think its action. Its not saying, If you want to be fit, then think as you already are fit. I’m saying if you want to be fit, then act/do/be like you are fit. there is a very important difference.

  8. I don’t really like those people who get mad because they can’t lose weight, particularly those who don’t do anything about it. We are responsible for our own body. Unless we exercise and discipline ourselves by eating the right amount and kind of food, then nothing good will happen. Fit people didn’t get their amazing body just by sleeping.

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