Action Happening

Work, Life it happens. Time does not stop (at least that I know of).

So, action must happen as well. I have been working out inconsistently. I have been eating too much food. I have been eating the wrong kinds of food. What happens with this type of action?

Weight Increases. Endurance and Stamina decreases.

I was getting down on myself.  Mentally beating myself up.  Then I read and contemplated this idea:  What kind of person do I want to be?

At the core, I just need to act, behave, and do the things I think good healthy people do.  The rest will follow.

What I mean by that, is if I think healthy people exercise consistently, then I should exercise consistently.  Just do it.  Change happens that easily.  Just take small steps.  Yes, you’ll have negative feelings.  Yes, some days will be good, others will be bad.  Just take small steps towards the person you want to be.  Change will happen when Action happens.

I am training for a standard olympic distance triathlon again this year.  Running has been a challenge due to leg pains, but Biking and Swimming have been awesome.

More to come…   What action is happening by you?

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