Help Wanted: Front End Designer Apply Within

Yes,  Simpleweight is looking for a Front End Designer willing to become a partner in our new Triumvirate Technology Team.  We solve problems with Technology.  Do you want to join us?

Here’s what we have?  We’re currently a team of two, Ryan and Scott.

We’ve always felt we’ve been missing someone.  We need a Designer.
Help us convert our  Duumvirate into a Triumvirate.

If you’ve read Getting Real, we’re fond of small talented, hungry teams.  We stayed small on purpose, but it’s time to grow.  We’ve got the Developer (Ryan), We’ve got the Sweeper (Scott),  We’re missing the Designer (Possibly You).  I know its odd, I read stories of different designers having difficulty find back-end developers.  Not us,  We have the developers, we need a Designer who is creative, effective, efficient, and an awesome Web Application User Interface Specialist.

However, we don’t just want any ordinary web designer. Here are our needs:

  • You are a designer who is passionate about Design. You read the popular design blogs, but you stay true to yourself.  Our individual lives, jobs, family life take priority, but your passion is so strong, that you are designing in your spare time.
  • You are a designer who writes well and thinks.  We often communicate via email/chat.  So, clear concise writing is imperative.  We feel good writing demonstrates creative thinking. Finally, good writing helps grow a business with blogging, twitter, friendfeed, etc.
  • You are a designer who wants to learn, experiment, and do.  If you look at our post:  Why Build Simpleweight – Defining Simple Weight Success, our number one goal and our number two goal details learning.  We built simpleweight to learn about ourselves, to learn about entrepreneurship, to learn about weight loss, and to learn new technology.  Learning happens by doing and experimenting.  So you must be a learner and a doer.
  • You are a designer who has a broad list of passions including but definitely not limited to Health, Fitness, or Weight Loss.  We’re trying to help large numbers of total strangers achieve a healthful weight loss balance.  However, we’ve got a number of other ideas in our ten webs project that we’d like help on.
  • You are a designer who lives in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, but this is not really a requirement it is optional.
  • You are a designer that is efficient yet exceptional with web and graphic design tools. We will be wowed by your ability to take designs and make them come to life into interfaces that people will want to use many times a day.
  • Finally, You are a designer who is willing to work for FREE and become a partner in our Triumvirate. You think I’m kidding?   Simpleweight is more about helping others than making big dollars.  Yes, if we had 200 million users, we’d all be doing pretty good financially, but our hope is that those 200 million users are healthful and saving the economy money.  We’re not a non-profit company, we expect to make a profit.  Eventually, it is our desire for our websites, applications, and other projects to grow enough financially where we’d be able to decide whether we want full-time jobs or not.  Until that time comes, our profit is funneled back into the company to help more people.  We expect you to have a current income that is sustaining your lifestyle.

Now, we understand no one works for FREE.  What do you get in return for working on simpleweight?  You get an outlet for your passions: Design and Fitness.  You get to learn and grow your career.  You get experience that is unmatched in your current set-up, because you now become a ground-floor partner in a business that compliments your passions. You get untold rewards that are limited only in our collective creativity and ability to act.  How cool is that?  You also get some developers to help you take your ideas to market into real-live products. Yes, we’re open.  Our ideas become your ideas and vice versa.

Are we asking for too much?  We don’t think so.  If you do, then obviously, you’re not the right candidate.

Contact us – We’d love to hear from you, see your portfolio, or read your blog.  Tell us why you should become a member of our triumvirate?

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