Introducing Freemium simpleweight

What’s new with simpleweight?

As I started earlier, we’re planning an update to simpleweight tonight. For many of our users, you will not notice a ton of difference. As I stated in the Weight Loss Incubator, this update is more a behind the scenes technology update.

What are the big changes?

  1. We’re updating from Ruby on Rails 1.x to the latest Ruby on Rails 2.x release.
  2. We’re fixing quite a few bugs related to indexing and searching food. We’ve tried to keep this bug from effecting anyone, but occasionally when someone searches, our index would freeze while using ferret. We’ve fixed that by using more of a distributed process.
  3. We’ve updated our paging of foods which will make it easier to jump through a large list of foods.
  4. We’ve made it easier for us to add new features which we hope to do so more often.
  5. Some other minor changes to some custom food and recipe functionality.
  6. We’ve moved to implementing Google’s chart api for faster response times and easier printing. We’ll leave flash charts in some areas that require more interactivity.
  7. Finally, the big change……

After debating dead accounts and researching successful websites, such as products, we’ve decided to move to a more ad-supported freemium product. what do we mean?

Well, we are going to have two types of products.

  1. Free ad-supported accounts with some restrictions like limits on the custom foods or recipes one can enter.
  2. Paid Premium accounts which include increases in our prices for 2008. However, if you sign-up now, we’ll guarantee the $18 price will remain the same for this next year.

Please tell us what you think, and as always. you can’t change what you don’t measure. So, add your weight today to learn what you want to change.

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