Chinese Diet gives us 10 tips to help with our Western Diet

A great article in The Independent titled:

Use your noodle: The real Chinese diet is so healthy it could solve the West’s obesity crisis – Healthy Living, Health & Wellbeing – The Independent.

I encourage you to read the article.  It provides a great list of Diet tips.  Some I agree with some I don’t, but still great food for thought.  I file this in the category of everyone is different, and each person needs to find the diet that works for them.  Here are the tips with my summary and comments.

  1. Stop Counting Calories:  The secret of the Chinese people is avoiding the empty calories of nutrient-free (sugary) foods. I think being in a western diet, we’re bombarded with sugary food.  So, its much more difficult for us to gauge portion sizes. I also have learned first hand that counting my calories helps me lose weight.
  2. Think of vegetables as dishes:  This goes well with our thought that Eat Plants and Protein.
  3. Fill up on Staple foods: If your staple foods are carb rich nutrient-free foods.  I disagree, but if they are complex carbs.  Then, well, it’s acceptable.
  4. Eat until you are full: Forget the eating to finish the plate or eating for social reasons. you eat when you are hungry, and you stop when you are not.  This takes a long time for us Americans to re-calibrate our stomachs, but over time, you will learn to listen to your stomach after you force it for 45 days or longer.
  5. Take Liquid Food: We’re not talking Starbucks.  We’re talking watery nutrient-rich soups.
  6. Bring yin and yang into your kitchen: Balance wet and moist foods (yin) with dry and crisp foods (yang).  In other words, a well balanced diet of Vegetables, with Protein, and Complex Carbs.
  7. Raw power?  Not necessarily: People overcook too many vegetables.  All you have to do is slightly steam broccoli or carrots.  Or just sautee them briefly to warm them.  This makes it easier for us to digest.  At the same time, RAW foods have more nutrients.
  8. Use Food to keep fit: Different foods help keep the body in balance and help the body fight different bugs.  I’ve always said that pizza helps sore muscles, and ice cream helps with headaches, but I think that’s just wishful thinking.  Remember, food is nourishment for every organ of the body.
  9. Drink Green Tea: Drink any tea, but green is the best.
  10. Practice Restorative exercise: Think Yoga, Think Tai Chi, Think Kung Fu, Think Balanced Aerobic Exercise with Rhythmic breathing.  While I agree, I also think High Intensity, 5 second methodical interval strength training can provide some of the same rhythmic benefits.

What a great list.  Every Culture has positive benefits.  Yes, certain diets are healthier than others, but there are food fundamentals that everyone can use regardless of diet.

Take a look at the book:

Why the Chinese Don’t Count Calories

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