How to add MUFA to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for weight loss?

Eat MUFA for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Photo Credit:  Jeff Kubina

After writing my Flat Belly Diet Eat MUFA for Weight Loss post, I continued to do more research. Some people asked me,

How do I add MUFA (mono unsaturated fat) at every meal?

Basically, try to add: Avocado, Canola oil, Olive Oil, Nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts, Olives, Peanut butter and peanut oil, or Sesame seeds to your diet.

One of the best ways is to try to mix and optimize those ideas. For example: Traditional pesto is made from pine nuts, olive oil, basil, parmesan cheese. What a tasty way to get MUFA.

Here are some more specific ideas for each meal:

MUFA Breakfast Ideas for weight loss

  • Add Avocado in omelet
  • Spread Peanut butter on toast, bagels, english muffins, or apples
  • Sprinkle Almonds (nuts) on top of pancakes, waffles, and even french toast
  • Mix nut-based granola in your yogurt
  • Blend Flax Seed Oil with your favorite fruit smoothie
  • Add Sunflower seeds, Walnuts, or Pecans to your cereal or oatmeal

MUFA Lunch & MUFA Dinner Ideas for weight loss

  • Toss sliced avocado, chopped olives, or sliced nuts in your green leaf salad
  • Pour Oil Based Dressings on top of your salad specifically Olive Oil, Sun Flower, or Peanut Oil
  • Add avocado to a Mexican chicken or black bean soup
  • Instead of croûtons, add nuts and seeds to your or soup or salad
  • Add nuts to stir fry dishes
  • Ask for Olives in your Enchiladas or other Mexican Food.
  • Dribble Pesto sauce over a small bed of noodles
  • Add a dollop of pesto to dishes such as tomato soup or baked potato
  • Stir olives into your red pasta sauce
  • Sprinkle nuts on cream-based soups like tomato-basil, butternut squash soup, etc.
  • Add Avocado to your deli sandwich (Jimmy John’s is great for this)
  • Top your Chicken Sandwich, Turkey Burger, or Small Hamburger with Guacamole

MUFA Snack Ideas for weight loss

  • Eat Raw Nut based Trail Mix.
  • Spread Olive tapenade on a cracker or crostini
  • Spread Avocado and cheese on a cracker
  • Dip apples or celery in Peanut or almond butter
  • Have an Olive Loaf Bread slice with olive oil

Remember, the key here is you need to keep your quantity of calories down for maximum benefit.

As I detailed in my MUFA weight loss article, Nuts, Avocados, and Oils are all high calories foods. Yet, they are very filling so you need less food at your meal. Try to strive for 400 calorie meals with a vegetable and protein rich diet.

Now that you know my MUFA ideas, What’s your favorite MUFA meal idea?

Photo Credit: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner via Flickr, by: Jeff Kubina
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