My Top Three 5 minute MUFA Snacks for weight loss

Eat MUFA, mono unsaturated fat, for weight loss.
My favorite MUFA Snacks.

I know I blogged a while back about adding mufa to your diet for weight loss.  Of course, I feel bad if I don’t eat my own dogfood.  What I mean by that, if I write or talk about something as a positive, I try my best to live what I say.  This brings integrity to my life.  As a by-product, my actions can then speak louder than my words.

Since Jan 1, I’ve been trying to eat more MUFA and lower my calories.   From January to March, I was doing great. I lost about 10 pounds, and all was smooth sailing.

What did I do:  I try to eat MUFA at every meal.  I try to eat sensible portions, and I try to eat often.  Notice the word try.  I’m not perfect, but overall, I’ve had a good experience with MUFA.  There was a keyword you may have missed:  “was”.  From March until recently, I stopped eating MUFA at every meal, and I stopped eating sensible portions.  So, I gained about 7 lbs back from early in the year weight loss. When eating MUFA, Portions are the number key.

One of my personal nutrition challenges has been:  Finding:

  • Quick,
  • Portable,
  • Highly Nutritious

MUFA Snacks that I can eat on the run.

After some searching:  here are my top 3 MUFA snacks that can be had in under 5 minutes.

  1. My number one snack favorite is naked Almonds. Trader Joe’s has the perfect 200 calorie snack-sized packages of  naked almonds.  If I can’t do that, or I’m more economical, I’ll buy a bulk bag of naked almonds and make my own snack-size using my handy scale.  However, that takes a little more time.
  2. My second favorite snack is Dove 63% Dark Chocolate or Ghiradeli Square Dark Chocolate. Again, these are very easy to take and eat. However, Dark Chocolate is addicting for me. It can be very difficult to stop at just one chocolate square.  My MUFA Chocolate hack is only bring one square to work with me. Obviously, I have to stop at only one since I don’t have any more.  Additionally, I’ll try to break that square into 4 pieces so it feels like more than it really is.   When the whole bag is so close to me, I end up eating more than one.
  3. My third favorite MUFA snack is well, this is hard.  I like walnuts on my cereal, I like sunflower seeds on my salad.  I cook my egg whites in olive oil, and I’ll eat Peanut Butter and Jelly, but all of those items are lunch/breakfast/dinner items.  They’re not really snacks.I guess my third favorite would be adding two tablespoons of Peanut Butter to Fruit Smoothies.  It takes a while to get used to, but you get the punch of Protein from the PB combined with the MUFA, and after a few times, you get used to eating the Smoothie that way.  My favorite recipe is add a banana, to some frozen strawberries, add some 1/4 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of orange juice and the two tablespoons of Peanut butter and blend until smooth.  This makes a great snack or a great breakfast.

Of course, I’m interested to hear.  What are your favorite 5 minute MUFA snacks?

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