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SW's Site of the week: Losing Weight Zone.

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Losing Weight Zone - Celebrity Weight Loss Updates

This week, I ran into Losing Weight Zone.

I don’t read People magazine, watch The View, Barbara Walters, or much TV at all really. I know that many people do, and I realize that we all have our own influencers and for some of you that is Celebrities.

Now, I am not making a distinction whether that is good or bad. It is what it is. Influencers can be strong motivators. For me, watching my brother make great decisions with his eating and exercise habits has really motivated me. Finding your influencers will make an impact on your weight management success. We’ll delve into influencers in a future blog post.

If your influencers are celebrities, I recommend you read Losing Weight Zone’s Celebrity Weight Loss category.

From what I can tell, Losing Weight Zone is a new blog that is building a nice niche of weight loss articles. Don’t get me wrong, they are not just about celebrities. They’ve done some good research gathering different press releases and news articles that people losing weight might find interesting. Of course, you will often find some of the same exercise, nutrition, diet, and weight loss content on our Simpleweight Blog, but I really like the way they mix different content together. The site has a clean open wordpress theme.

The thought I leave you with is who are your influencers? Find them and use them to help your motivation, and I’ll have to watch Losing Weight Zone for a bit to see if they become a permanent member of my daily reading.

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