Mission Impossible: Add one & Subtract one

2011 was good.  It was supposed to be my year of the product.  It didn’t work out like that. 2011 was more the year of the thinker for me.  2012 is awesome! 2012 is the year of the doer!

Start Singing.

1 What is your mission for January?

January double dog dare:  My mission should I accept it is to add something and subtract something for every month for the entire year 2012.

I just re-read some of older posts and entries regarding goals and New Year’s resolutions.

This one, “Do not tell me your goal, and you will succeed.” sticks out for me.

Let’s break it down in plain english.  You tell your friend you are going on a diet, and plan on losing weight.  You now feel satisfied, because you’ve done step one.  You’ve made your goal public like many experts state.  However, just because you have taken a step and made it public, you start to feel like you are already attaining your goal.  So, since you feel like you are already losing weight, you actually don’t work as hard to attain your fitness goal.

This is the reason I was intentionally vague with my January mission.  I wrote down my January challenge in a post dated in February 2012.  When that date comes, I’ll let you know if I completed my challenge. In the meantime, what is your mission should you accept it?  Break them down into smaller pieces.

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