Return to Roots

I keep a lot of information in my head. Rarely, yet it happens, I forget basic items like, where did I put my wallet. When I do forget where I put my wallet or keys, I try to remember the last time I saw them. I re-trace my steps. I keep walking backwards until I absolute know from memory that I had my wallet at that point in time. I call this **returning to the roots**.


In many areas of my life, I am doing great. In fact, if I look objectively with an outsiders perspective, I’m doing fabulous. Yet, I am my own worst critic. I have high expectations for myself even surrounding actions that I didn’t even know I had expectations about. I expect excellence from myself.

When I fail, and we all fail many times, I recognize that its a part of life. I do my best to manage my own expectations, but I still have this derisive voice in my head generating all sorts of negative self-talk and “yes, buts…”. If you let those negative thoughts permeate too long, too wide, and too deep, your entire basis self will become lost. Then, self-doubt creeps as you wonder is this new “yes, but… negative” self-talk the real self or is your old basis of self the real self.

The answer is both. Yet, we don’t recognize that being so close to the situation. When you’re in the middle of it with a first-person account, you become lost. What does a person do when they’re lost? Try to re-trace their steps in the forest. Dig for roots. Look for the path back to finding the items lost.

Let’s go to the roots: My exercise habits have decreased, my blogging has decreased, and my weight has increased. Coincidence? Correlation? Causation?

One way I’m re-tracing my steps is by re-reading the book that set me on my healthy path. I’m working on healthy habits, and I’m doing my best to try to re-trace my steps looking for the North Star in the woods leading me out of the Forest and onto my own individual path.

Meditate and think on this: Eat Plants, Drink Water, and Move. Food In = Food Out. Change the equation and you’ll become healthy. Its really simple to know, but challenging to execute.

Return to your Roots!

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