fitbloggin can wear a person out.

This past weekend, I went to Baltimore for fitbloggin. It was super fun. The sessions were smart. The attendees were nice, and the sponsors were great.  A couple of quick thoughts, I was really surprised that there are not more male fitness bloggers.  I think there were a total of 10 men out of 150 attendees, speakers, and sponsors. I was not surprised by how smoothly the event ran. I expected a good conference based on my reading the promoter’s blog. (Roni you rock!) One thing that amazed me was the wonderful sponsors who were so generous with the really cool swag bags and gear. Thank you fitbloggin sponsors.

For my talk, I was going over the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Section 508 Web Accessibility.  I talk and present in front of people all the time, but for some reason, I was super nervous for this talk. I went so far as practicing bits and pieces of my presentation which I very rarely do.  I think it went well. Time went super fast.  There was so much more I wanted to include.  Like optimizing your anchor text.  Also, I want to emphasize that all need to be careful about the technical details.  I think SEO is something you can and should do on your own.  But, you can really screw up your blog too.  Its a delicate balance. Sometimes, it just nicer to have an expert do the work for you.

I could talk SEO and Blogging for a whole day or longer I think.  I wanted to demonstrate other blogging software other than WordPress.  However, my tumblr, posterous, and blogger accounts wouldn’t log in very easily with the conference internet.  The internet was pretty good, but when you have a conference full of bloggers writing and tweeting away one can almost always expect inconsistencies with the internet.

I posted my SEO Fitbloggin slides at my octāvity Technology Consulting Business blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed walking around Baltimore’s Harbor and Fells Point.  Very pretty area.

I ran my first 5k this weekend on Saturday averaging about 5 mph. Then I let my wife talk me into running again on Sunday. We ran about 4 miles at about 6 mph.

Right now, my legs are super stiff. I’ve got a little bit of a ways to go before I get ready for my International Distance Triathlon in Chicago. Cool News is I get to begin Bicycle shopping. The weather in Chicago is starting to get warm enough to bike. I am so wiped out and exhausted from the super fun weekend. I don’t even feel like posting my usual requisite picture. I’ll post more later about all the fitbloggin swag that I’m so excited to try out.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help you with your weight management journey, please let me know.

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