Seriously, It’s okay.

One thing I try to keep in mind when building something new or growing new habits. It seriously is okay to have fits and starts. That’s normal. Yes, there are some people who start something new and just keep going. I’m not some people. It took me over 10 years to get food journaling to stick as a daily habit. It too me even longer to get daily exercise to stick as a daily habit. Reminder to myself and everyone out there. It’s okay to start and stop and start again.

I’m reminded by this quote:

A winner is a just a loser who tried one more time.

– George M. Moore, Jr.

Reminder: Small daily steps do compound. We don’t notice the changes at first. We don’t see them. So, it’s easy to get discouraged. Celebrate that you keep going. Keep trying. Get back up after falling off that bicycle and start riding again. I’m clearly writing for myself as I try to build my public writing habit.

Today’s Workout

Dryland Exercises

It’s Wednesday, that means Biceps and Triceps

  • 60 seconds of jogging
  • 4X Weight routine:
    • 12 X 25 lb bicep curls
    • 12 x 25 lb standing dumbbell overhead tricep extensions
  • Abs:
    • Upper: 12 crunches
    • Lower: 12 straight Leg reverse crunches
    • Side: 60 second side plank each side
    • Back: Reverse exercise ball crunch
    • 60 second full-plank
  • Stretching


3000 Yard Recovery technique focused swim. Focus on the head pitch and face in the water. Avoid Head swivel while swimming and keep the face at a 33º angle


  • 150 Yard Freestyle no flip-turns
  • 150 Yard freestyle with flip-turns
  • 100 Yard backstroke
  • 100 yard breast-stroke

Main Set:

  • 500 Yard Kick with kickboard:
    • 100 Yard Freestyle kick
    • 100 yard dolphin kick (face down)
    • 100 yard back kick (face up and no kickboard)
    • 100 yard breast kick
    • 100 yard free kick
  • 500 Yard Freestyle with Pull Buoy & Paddles
  • 500 Yard freestyle no tools
  • 500 Yard Kick with fins and kickboard:
    • 150 Yard free kick
    • 100 yard backstroke kick (no kickboard)
    • 150 yard free kick
    • 100 yard backstroke kick (no kickboard)


  • 250 Yard freestyle Catch-up with paddles and pull-buoy
  • 250 yard freestyle no tools
  • Stretching in the pool

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