Favorite Beginner to Intermediate Tri Training plans

I’m six weeks into my 2011 Triathlon Training plan.  Despite my early injury set-backs, my training is going great.  In fact, I’m lovin’ it!

I am a book reader.  I love books.  My wife and I were at the local bookstore a while back, and I told her, “I love to be among the books.”  I can just feel the knowledge pouring into me as if I’m getting a new training download via the Matrix.

When I was looking to start training for Triathlons, I went and perused, borrowed, and bought a bunch of different books.

There is one book that I keep going back to.

It’s the Complete Triathlete’s Training Manual:  A Unique Training Guide for Triathletes of All Abilities, by Oliver Roberts.

I love how it makes my training plan so simple.  Its makes it easy easier to fit my training sessions into my hectic lifestyle.

In my last post, I talked about my plan.  Since, I’m only shooting for the Olympic DistancesI try to exercise, 6 days a week. Run, Swim, Bike, Swim, Run, Bike, Rest.

Now, sometimes, I miss a day or something comes up, and what I’ve done is basically turn my next weekend workout day into a brick workout, or I will move my rest day around.  I try to avoid moving the Rest Day too much, because then you sometimes get stuck working out an extended period of time without a break.  We all should know, myself included, that Rest days are just as important as our training days.

Now, something else that super-charged my recent weight loss was a Dog Dare Challenge.  Basically, my brother dog-dared me into a weight loss challenge.  We basically were both lamenting on how difficult it has been to rein in our eating habits. So, we basically created a weigh-in day, we then challenged each other to a weight-off contest based on percentages.  Then, we held each other accountable.  It went great.  I really jump started my eating plan and helped me to lower my calories I ate.  It got me in tune with my portion sizes, and I have a better idea what I’m eating.  I still have difficulty with late-night eating binges when I’m working.  My solution to that is go to sleep, but sometimes work is calling.

Parting Tip:  While you are exercising, Count down how many laps, repetitions, or time you have in your activity rather than count up.  Looking ahead keeps us more motivated rather than looking behind.  When we look behind ourselves, we become complacent with how far we have come.

Party Tip:  If you are going to Drink Alcohol, remember Alcohol has calories so adjust your eating habits accordingly.

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