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How to achieve your Personal Best in a Triathlon?

Step 1) Do it! Boom- you just achieved a personal best.

One of the coolest things about being a beginner for a triathlon, is that your first triathlon is a Personal Best Time! So all I have to do is finish on Sunday. No problem.

The not so cool part about being a beginner is the anxiousness, the jitters, and the doubts that I’m having.

Yes, I did do a ton of training. Yet, I didn’t officially follow a training plan. I made my own. Is that good enough? I won’t actually know until I prove it on Sunday.

A couple of things: If you are free on Saturday, The Chicago Multisport and Fitness Expo takes place downtown.

You can go to this website for details:

As I mentioned in my last post, if you are free on Sunday, it would be great to see you, but I know many of you are not able to make it, but still want to keep score at home.

Here’s how: Follow me on Twitter!

On Race day, I will tweet out a runkeeper link that you can use to follow along via GPS. Technology is so cool!

Also, you can try to follow along via the Official Chicago Triathlon Results for Scott

Here’s my bib number:
Start Time is 7:52am

Chicago 2010 Triathlon

Here is the official link for everyone’s Results for the 2010 Chicago Triathlon
Stay tuned for some more Triathlon 101 posts where I will detail my decisions I took good and bad to prepare myself for the Triathlon. I haven’t even started my first yet, and I am already thinking about where my second tri will be.

My year of action continues.

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