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Interactive Health Look of My Body

You didn’t expect to see “my” body did you?  I’m not ready for that.

I saw this cool, interactive, guided health tour of the body at NY Times.

Other Simpleweight News:  We’re putting the final touches on our next Simpleweight upgrade.  What can you expect?

  • Expect a new design.
  • Expect a couple of new nutritional reports.
  • Expect the ability to create your own public page.
  • Expect a little bit of downtime of the blog.  I’ll post some timeframes when you will see a hic-up.
  • Additionally, expect a price increase to $29/year.  We feel we’ve added value and simpleweight is worth more.  We’re still going to have a free account, but we’ll also have an advertising-free full account.

Now, if you sign up today, you will lock-in our current price of $18/year.

What can we do to help you acheive your weight management goals?