Great List of Fast Food Restaurants and their Nutrition

I ran across this list from the Consumerist about Fast Food Restaurants and Nutrition.

It’s a great list describing what Fast Food Restaurants make it easy to find the Nutritional information.

I know recently that there has been some talk about New York City law requiring Fast Food Restaurants to post their nutrition information on their menus.  I am totally against it.  Here’s why?

I think it should be for ALL restaurants.  Seriously, why single out Fast Food Restaurants.  I think all restaurants should post on the menu calorie, fat, protein, and carbohydrate data.

For those people who think it will clutter the menu, it won’t Graphic Designers are expert at creating quality designs with information, just see Edward Tufte if you need to.

For those people who say it will cost too much money and make small businesses go out of business.  That’s a load of crock.  New Business and technologies are available to fill the role of making it easier to analyze food for nutritional purposes.  As this becomes a requirement across the board, the market will make it cheaper.

I am usually against the government telling us what to do.  In this case, requiring nutritional information on menus at the point of purchase is one place that I think restaurants and cafes will not do until forced to.

I suggest we all write our public servants (senators, mayors, governors, trustees, etc..) asking them to enact a law that requires all restaurants to put calorie, fat, protein, and carbs on all items on all menus.

What do you think?

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