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Weight Loss updates completed.

Simple weight updates were completed March 21 evening. Ryan did a great job adding some new features for our free public users.

What’s New with Simple Weight Loss?

  • Exercise Calorie Calculators
    The General public can now calculate their calorie burn using our nifty activity calorie calculators.
  • New, improved, and quicker Charts and Reports
    We’ve replaced some of our flash charts with simple image charts. The site loads much faster.
  • Charts and Reports have the beginnings of Social Features: One can now easily paste their favorite chart or report into their own blog, facebook page, myspace, etc… Here’s my weight loss for the year 2008:
    Of course, this chart demonstrates that one needs to focus on the trend and not the day to day fluctuations.
  • Minor feature and bug fixes for various requests by users. For example, you can now save custom foods with your own serving size without having to click or save twice.

What’s Next?

Well, we’re working on a site design refresh to liven up the site and make it more attractive. We plan to re-organize the public pages to better explain our exceptional simpleweight offerings. We’ve been promising more social features.

Why do we add and make changes?

We’re always trying to make simpleweight easier to use, and we’re trying to make it easy to follow weight loss’s aggregate best practices:

  • Weigh yourself on a regular schedule. (I suggest every day, or once a week.). Make sure you weigh yourself the same time with relatively the same clothes
  • Track your energy expenditures and how much exercise you can do.
  • Track how much you eat, when you eat, how you eat, and why you eat
  • Make your weight loss social!

We’ve got tools simplifying the top three in that list above, and Social Features are coming. It will just make it easier if you just start using Simpleweight now.

What can we do to make Simpleweight so simple you will actually use it

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