3 funny motivational reasons to Lose Weight

Ways to stay motivated during weight loss.

On rainy days, like today in Chicago-land area, motivation can be fleeting. It seems to be common around the internet.  I’ve seen two or three posts today on how to fight doldrums, stay motivated, and be productive.

I ran across this rather funny take on motivation titled:  Decrease your Likelihood of Being Hit By a Meteor.

Here’s the top 3 funniest motivations for losing weight that I saw:

Reason #4: To Decrease your Likelihood of Being Hit By a Meteor
Reason #5: To Decrease Your Likelihood Of Being Eaten By Cannibals
Reason #8: Get Drunk Quicker

The post is funny, but a poignant reminder we have to constantly focus on our own motivation for managing our weight.

Some people have a very life or death reasons for weight gain or weight loss, cancer, heart issues, diabetes, bone structure, and many more.  The Doctor told them, you need to eat right and get in better shape or you will die. In that scenario, it’s a pretty compelling reason to change your habits. Other people don’t have that motivation, they might not see it that way, and only want to use fitness as a way to get more money, power, better looking, etc.

Regardless, whatever the motivation, The motivation has to be internalized. If the motivation is outward pressure from your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, children, dog, chicken, slug, or favorite trilobite, you will likely return to your normal habits. Repeat this to yourself: What is my motivation for weight loss? I have to find my own motivation.


Take 5 minutes to Breath, Close your Eyes, and Think: `What are my 10 motivational reasons for physical fitness?`. Write them down and revisit those motivating reasons everyday! Make sure your reasons are sustainable for a lifetime!

Tell me: What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Side note:

Ryan and I are in the middle of a redesign and refresh. As I always ask, What is the number one thing can do to help you with you achieve your physical fitness goals?

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