Fitbloggin Google Analytics.

First: Thank you everyone for visiting and attending my talk.  I hope you enjoyed. FitBloggin has been a great experience a second time around.  Its great to chat and discuss topics with internet friends. If you are looking for my Fitness Google Analytics talk, I posted it at my technology related site: Have to […]

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Weight Loss incubator?

Sometimes baby chicks just need to incubate. As you can probably tell, my brother and I took most of the past five months off from serious Simpleweight development. We made sure to continue using simpleweight in some capacity or another. We prepared a blog post or two (some are still unpublished waiting for future dates). […]

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Why Build Simpleweight – Defining Simpleweight Success

Back stage, the building of Why did we build Simpleweight? With any project or goal, we personally like to define our own success. Yes, we are human, and of course we value other people’s opinion, but we really try to rely on our own internal value system. Consequently, before we started creating simpleweight, we […]