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Weight Loss incubator?

Watching the Hatching, By Troy B Thompson, Via Flickr

Sometimes baby chicks just need to incubate.

As you can probably tell, my brother and I took most of the past five months off from serious Simpleweight development. We made sure to continue using simpleweight in some capacity or another. We prepared a blog post or two (some are still unpublished waiting for future dates). We made sure simpleweight was working and continued to provide personalized service to our subscribers, but we delayed some feature development.

Like newborns learning how to adjust their own body temperature right after birth, we wanted simpleweight to incubate.

By stepping away for the summer and fall, we were able to gain some perspective and motivation. Not to mention, we were also able to enjoy the time off for play time with families, running a triathlon – great job Ryan, bring a new baby into the world – that’s why Scott is tired, and generally just concentrate on fun and other work.

Funny thing about stepping away. When you come back to a passion that you set aside to incubate. One gains a greater understanding of the whole picture. Our huge simpleweight to do feature list we had is not as huge.

We can re-evaluate:

  • Do you really need this new feature we’re planning?
  • Is this the best way to complete that task?
  • Is this getting real with weight management?
  • Our we meeting our stated goals and mission?

Let’s step back: What’s our Philosophy?

Our philosophy is to make weight management so simple you’ll actually do it. Food In = Food Out.

Funny thing about newborns. They just seem to know how to moderate their temperature and know how to eat and grow. Same thing with chicks in an incubator. They get out of the incubator and then grow and grow with a beauty a child adores. Natural organic healthy moderated growth.

That’s our plan. Take our new perspective and follow the natural organic moderated growth pattern of simpleweight. We’ll go where the simpleweight users take us.

So, What’s next?

  • We’re (I should say Ryan is) migrating Simpleweight to the latest Rails 2.0 release. We’re making some bug fixes and stabilizing some internals.
  • After we iron out these technical details, We’re going to add some new features we’ve been promising such as implementing the Simple Weight Club, Simpleweight Workouts, Forums, and User Interface changes. (One at a time of course, it’s much better and easier to do it the slow weigh.)
  • Stay Tuned for more information on our pending release.

    Remember, If there is one thing we can do to help you achieve your weight management goals, tell us, and we’ll do our best to help you!

    Let us know what you think should be next for Simpleweight?

Photo Credit: Watching the Hatching via Flickr, by Troy B Thompson

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