Warning: I'm going to make weight loss personal

I’m going to make this personal – I just wanted to warn you up front.

IPromiseToBeGood.jpgHave you ever noticed that when you make a commitment to someone important to you, that you do everything you can to hold yourself to that commitment. Be it your child, spouse, sibling, parents or just a good friend; when that commitment is made you do your best to keep it. You know that if you miss your commitment that you just let someone down who is important to you. Have you ever asked why that doesn’t work for yourself?

Think about it for a second. How many times have you made a commitment to be more healthy? And how many times did you let yourself down? Aren’t you important to yourself? Shouldn’t you worry about how you feel when you don’t meet your own commitment?

Well, I’ve done it recently, and I think I know why. It’s easy not to hold yourself to something you haven’t openly stated. It’s even easy when you mention it in passing. Essentially we’re really not trying to make that commitment because we know it’s easier just not to do.

That ends today for me. Today I’m making a commitment to eating healthy for the next 30 days. In addition I’m going to maintain at least 3 workouts a week. I’m stating it here so that everyone can hold me accountable to my commitment to myself – including me!

Now you maybe saying – that’s great Ryan, but that’s not so hard to do. I agree, it really shouldn’t be, and to ensure I don’t fall short here is the list of items I won’t let get in my way:

  • Managing a critical project work with ever ending impending deadlines
  • Two extremely energetic young sons ready to wrestle me to the ground first foot through the door
  • The fact child #3 is on it’s way
  • My wife is on bedrest for preterm labor, and I’m responsible for cooking, cleaning, getting the kids up, and putting them down for bed
  • My commitment to continuing development of simpleweight and all of you using our system! Our next release features a new look and feel, along with the beginnings of our social features

Now that’s just a few, I’m sure I could find more if I were looking. And by making this declaration, I’m not saying I’m going to ignore any of those other commitments – in fact I’m going to keep all those too. All I’m saying is that I’m making my health a priority again now too.

My current weight right now: 197.5 lb.
I’ll be posting updates between now and May 22nd, so please check back for my progress. But better yet – why not make your health your commitment too? Join me in making the commitment, who’s with me?

Photo Credit: Avocado via Flickr, by: miniteca

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