Where the Mind goes, the Body Follows

One thing I have learned is that the body follows the mind.


If you take your mind into deep dark alleys of negativity, you will find that your body succumbs to the traps of food marketing easier. You will find that your willpower is depleted, exercise happens less often, and over-eating happens quite frequently. Ultimately, it becomes a cycle that spins downward.

I have also learned, the mind will follow the body. If your body can take actions like exercise, your mind will often respond with positivity even if you never get the “runner’s high” many physiologists talk about.

The key,  as I have said all along, is consistency. Consistency of action makes actions easier.

Right now, I’m in the habit of over-eating and decreased activity.  — Somewhere, somehow, that has got to stop and be over-ruled. Still trying to tough it out.

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