2024-02-26 Monday’s Swim Workout


Stand up straight: Put arms out straight, Swing arms around in slow circles.  Starting with a tiny diameter, increasing until larger diameter.  Go forward for a bit, then go backward for a bit.  At the same time, step side to side.  Then after arm swings, Lift knees to chest.


Goal:  Swim moderately easy, limber up the body.

  • 150 Swim no flip turns
  • 150 Swim with flip turns
  • 100 Backstroke
  • 100 Breast stroke

Main Sets

Today’s goal:  steady moderately quick pacing focus on long strides and minimizing breaths.

  • 100 Kickboard freestyle kick
  • 400 IM Kickboard (Dolphin Kick Backstroke kick, Breast Kick, Freestyle Kick)
  • 500 Pull Buoy with Paddles
  • 500 Freestyle
  • 500 Flipper Set: do the following twice
    • 150 free style kick
    • 100 backstroke kick


Goal:  Slow Stretching out the muscles.

  • 250 Pull Buoy with Paddles
  • 250 Freestyle


I have been swimming regularly 5 days a week for a few years now.  For the next few days.  I’m going to document my swim workouts that I use.  They are kind of repetitive for a specific month.  I rotate or change my workouts.

Monday’s tend to be a moderate pace.  I don’t want to overwork and not be able to do my long swim on Friday.

Tuesday & Thursday tend to do more sprint workouts.

Wednesday tends to be a recovery swim day.  I shoot for at least 3000 yards a day which usually takes me about 60 minutes in the pool.

Friday’s tend to be a long swim day.

I try my best to mix it up so I don’t hurt myself.  Mix in slow and fast.  At the same time, I’m try to do some HIIT in the pool to burn fat.  I did not start with 3,000 yards.  Originally, I started at about 500, then 1000, then 1500, then 2000.  I was at 2,000 for a long time.  then, slowly increased my long swims and my intensity swims which slowly allowed me to work up to 3,000.

I did not swim on the swim team.  I had one year’s worth of swim lessons.  So, I am no expert.  I’m just a guy who likes to swim.  Why?

I swim because it’s low impact.  I swim because I can do it year round indoors.  I found with running, especially, when my weight was higher than I’d like, I’d always end up hurting myself.  I found with biking, that I had to go for longer and longer bicycling trips.  Also, it’s difficult to bike in the snowy winters.  Swimming became my thing.

Some unexpected benefits:

  • I tend to not get as many colds, flus, etc…  I’m thinking it has something to do with daily bathing in chlorinated water.
  • Swimming is very meditative.  Your head is under water, and you cannot hear much.  So, You end up clearing your mind.  One thing I will do is mentally repeat a mantra or positive statement.

That’s it.  I have some more to say about Weight Loss and Exercise, but thought I’d start in the middle of the novel with my workout of the day.  Check back tomorrow for Tuesday’s workout.

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