Weigh yourself every day to prevent weight gain.

According to the December 2005 issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine,

“Higher weighing frequency was associated with greater 24-month weight loss or less weight gain.”

For more information see: Health Behavior News Service

Research presented at a 2005 medical conference on obesity indicates that daily weigh-ins can help prevent lost weight from returning, which is a particularly common phenomenon among many dieters. In a study involving 291 individuals (mostly women) who had succeeded in shedding an average of 44 pounds over the previous two years, researchers divided participants into three groups. Each group participated in a different kind of follow-up over the next 18 months: 1) receiving monthly face-to-face counseling; 2) participating in Internet chat rooms; or 3) reading monthly newsletters. All participants were encouraged to weigh themselves daily.

At the end of the 18-month study, the researchers found that intensive support and personal interaction particularly helped dieters maintain weight loss. The researchers were also surprised to observe that the participants who continued to weigh themselves daily regained very little weight compared with those who weighed themselves less frequently. “You’re more likely to catch small changes in body weight” if you check your weight daily, says Rena Wing, director of the weight control center at Brown University Medical School in Rhode Island. Adds Wing, “It’s much easier to get back on track if you’ve just gained a pound or two.” Associated Press 2005
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