Four Tips of Weighing yourself Daily.

Jennifer Warner from writes a nice article about how to and when to weigh yourself.
Jennifer quotes Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association with these great tips for weighing yourself:

The 4 S’s of Weighing Yourself

When you do weigh yourself on a scale, Blatner says you strive for sameness. Weigh yourself at the:

  • Same time of day, on the
  • Same day each week, wearing the
  • Same clothing, and using the
  • Same scale

We agree with the experts that weighing yourself every day at the same time with the same clothing, and the same scale will provide you with the best simple weight trend analysis. However, with, you can calculate trends whether you weigh yourself daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, consistently, or even inconsistently. The key is just to keep track of your weight and make wise decisions based upon your trend analysis. coming in 2007.

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