Somedays I don’t feel like swimming. I go anyways. Some days, I get to the pool, and I’m just slow or the water feels cold. I swim anyway. What I have found is that consistency is the key ingredient to fitness. I can not let anything stop me from getting my swim in.

I remember a time where I was up late the night before working. I woke up groggy. I drove to the pool without my swim suit, towel, everything. I was so frustrated. Yet, I still drove home, grabbed my gear bag and hustled back to the pool. That day I only did half my usual 3000 yard workout. Didn’t matter, I kept my streak alive.

Consistency is Key Ingredient to Fitness!


We are not robots. We will not be perfect. Some workouts will be better than others just as the sky changes every day. Some days are sunnier than others. We feel faster or rested. We feel excited or sad. Doesn’t matter. Consistency does. We can control our consistency. That’s what you need to focus on. Do it consistently every day!

2024-03-04 Swim Workout


  • 60 second jogging place
  • Chest: 12 reps for Butterflies with 15 lbs weights slow
  • Back: 12 reps of squated pulls ups with 15 lb weights slow
  • Upper Abs: 15 crunches
  • Lower Abs: 12 knee-ups
  • Side Abs: 12 side-ups both sides
  • Back: 12 exercise ball reverse crunches
  • Full-core: 90 second planks

At the pool

500 yard Warm-up

Stand up straight: Put arms out straight, Swing arms around in slow circles.  Starting with a tiny slow circle diameter, increasing until the arm swing circle slowly for larger and larger diameters.  Go forward for a bit, then go backward for a bit.

At the same time, Warmup legs by stepping side to side.  Then after arm swings, Lift knees to chest.

  • 150 Freestyle no flip turns
  • 150 Freestyle
  • 100 Back Stroke
  • 100 Breast Stroke

2000 yard Main Sets

  • 500 kick board
  • 500 Pull Buoy with Paddles
    • 150 Freestyle
    • 100 Back Stroke
    • 150 Freestyle
    • 100 Back Stroke
  • 500 Set (no tools)
    • 150 Freestyle
    • 100 Breast Stroke
    • 150 Freestyle
    • 100 Breast Stroke
  • 500 Kickboard with Flippers

500 yard CoolDown

  • 250 Freestyle with pull Buoy with Paddles
  • 250 Freestyle

In the pool, I will stretch my arms and legs.  I’ll stand very wide legged.  Do some Yoga-esque warrior poses.  Arms Straight to sides.  Arms straight up.   I’ll interlock my fingers and stretch to the ceiling.  a little mountain pose here.  Then, alternate knee to chest stretch.  Then some calf and achilles stretches using the pool wall.  Finally, some hip stretches.

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