See The Future & Find Your WHY

Today’s been a busy day. I meant to get this posted earlier. Better now than never.

The Best Time To Plant a Tree Was 30 Years Ago,
and the Second Best Time To Plant a Tree Is Now.


One thing that helped me with my personal weight loss and fitness journey was finding a good WHY. Why should I become physically fit? Why do I need to lose weight? I’d think to myself that I’m in reasonable shape and better than average. Yet, my BMI was definitely not average. Unless you consider a high BMI average. We know we should do something, but we don’t always do it. Finding a WHY to help you power through the low motivation point is helpful. Here’s how:0

I peered into my DNA future. Yes, you heard that right, I saw the future. HOW? Well, I looked at my parents. I looked at my blood related uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I thought to myself, my blood is related to these people. Whatever health challenges they are or were facing may become my own especially if I follow similar exercise and eating patterns.

I also reviewed my past. As a child, I had a hip bone disease that required some surgery. My orthopedic doctor said to me that in my far off future, I will likely need hip replacement surgery. When my teenage self asked to play football or gymnastics, this same doctor suggested swimming to avoid hard jarring on the hip. Of course, as a teenager, I took up running and played as much pickup basketball as I could. Not quite the jarring of football but still not hip friendly. Now, fast forward to the recent past, and I’d occasionally get some hip pains. I think I am too young for hip replacements. So, I went to the P.T., and the physical therapist agreed and gave me some exercises.

Reviewing my personal and family history and seeing my relatives’ current health and weight challenges as they age made me think how can I improve my quality of life.

What really put me over the top is my Mom’s weight loss trials and tribulations. My Mom’s weight has gone up and down throughout my life. She’s tried every type of way to keep her eating and fitness habits in check. Well, a few years ago, She finally did it through a very invasive and laborious process both physically and mentally. My mom’s dedication and achievement really inspired me. Her weight loss journey and improved physical fitness dramatically improved her quality of life and likely extended her life. Boom, I found my WHY!

If I can avoid or at least push-off my future health issues, by taking action today, then I will. So, of course, what I do is do some research. I read internet articles, health and fitness books. One book, I read was geared towards physical therapists on how to prevent knee and hip joint replacements. The premise of the book suggested by consistently moving the joint in a low impact method you will keep the hips and knees lubricated, and ultimately prolong the useful lifespan. The book suggested water stretching and swimming.

I finally followed my orthopedic surgeon’s suggestion and dedicated myself to consistently swimming.

Each of us has their own WHY. Find it and Use it. Use it as motivation. When I am in the middle of my swim set, and I’m feeling slow or down or tired, I’ll think to myself a mantra: Yes, Yes, Yes. Then, I’ll think: this intensity and uncomfortable feeling I’m experiencing will help me burn fat and lubricate my body keeping the dreaded and expensive joint replacement surgery farther down the road.

You will be happy to know that I now rarely have hip pains and feel way better. In fact, I have ran the occasional 5k over the past couple years and even occasionally entertain a return to triathlons. Still not sure about that, since pounding miles of running on pavement does not really improve the joints. Or maybe it does. Time to dig into some research???

Find Your WHY!

Also, find your exercise(s). A topic for another day.

2024-03-05 Swim Workout

It’s Tuesday. So, today’s goal swimming is High Intensity. Keeping that heart rate up 130 to 165. Rest enough to let the Apple Watch keep up with you, and to allow some Heart Rate recovery between the sprints.

Dryland Exercises:

Ab & Shoulder focus 4x the following sets, minimal rest

  • 60 seconds jog in place
  • 12 reps shoulder with 12 pound weights
  • 12 crunches

Core Workout:

  • Full abs 12 straight leg sit-ups and touch toes
  • Upper abs: 15 crunches
  • Lower abs: 12 knee ups
  • Side abs: side crunch both sides
  • Side abs: crunch with twists
  • Core: 60 second plank
  • Back: Alternate Foot Sky Reach reverse crunches

Stretch: Legs, Back, Shoulders

At the Pool

500 yard Warm-up

Dynamic Stretching: Stand up straight: Put arms out straight, Swing arms around in slow circles.  Starting with a tiny slow circle diameter, increasing until the arm swing circle slowly for larger and larger diameters.  Go Counter-clockwise for a bit, then reverse and go clockwise for a bit.

At the same time or immediately after, Warmup legs by stepping side to side.  Then after arm swings, Lift knees to chest.

  • 150 Freestyle no flip turns
  • 150 Freestyle
  • 100 Back Stroke
  • 100 Breast Stroke

2000 yard Main Sets

  • 500 kick board doing the following:
    • 100 flutter freestyle kick
    • 100 front dolphin kick
    • 100 backstroke kick (no kick board)
    • 100 breast stroke kick
    • 100 freestyle kick
  • 500 Pull Buoy with Paddles
    Repeat the following 5x (no rest)
    • 75 moderate pace freestyle
    • 25 sprint pace freestyle
  • 500 IM Set (no tools)
    Repeat the following 5X, ~ 30 second rest
    • 25 Butterfly
    • 25 Backstroke
    • 25 Breast stroke
    • 25 Freestyle
  • 500 Kickboard with Flippers
    Repeat the following 2x
    • 150 Freestyle flutter kick
    • 100 Backstroke flutter kick

500 yard Cool Down

  • 250 Freestyle with pull Buoy with Paddles
  • 250 Freestyle
    Today, my Apple Watch did not count 25 yards of my kicks. So, I added another 50 Freestyle at the end.

In the pool, I will stretch my arms and legs.  I’ll stand very wide legged.  Do some Yoga-esque warrior poses.  Arms Straight to sides.  Arms straight up.   I’ll interlock my fingers and stretch to the ceiling.  a little mountain pose here.  Then, alternate knee to chest stretch.  Then some calf and achilles stretches using the pool wall.  Finally, some hip stretches.

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