Daily Writing

Still Working at this daily writing.

It’s late.  Squeezing in my daily writing.  This daily writing habit is a challenge for me to find the right hook in the day to get this done.  So.  Only a workout today. No words of wisdom.  Just keep on swimming.  

Today’s Workout was a recovery swim.  3000 yards.  After two high intensity days in a row.  I could feel my body hollering at me.  So, I needed to recover.  Also, I had a meeting post-swim which meant I needed to keep the swim relatively tight to 60 minutes today.  


  • 60 seconds jogging in place warmup
  • Weights 4X
    • Hamstrings: 12x Hamstring Lifts
    • Quads: 12x Squats (no weights)
  • Core Workout
    • Upper Abs:  15 crunches 
    • Lower Abs:  12 Knee-ups
    • Side Abs:  12 Oblique V-up’s each side
    • Side Abs:  12 Russian Twists with 12lb kettle ball
    • Back:  12 Reverse Crunches on exercise ball
    • Transverse Abs:  60 second plank
    • 120 second static Stretching

At the Pool:

Dryland Warmup: Arm Circles back and forth.  Legs side to side.

500 yard Warmup:

  • 150 yard freestyle no flip turns
  • 150 yard freestyle with flip turns
  • 100 yard backstroke
  • 100 yard brest stroke

2000 Main sets

  • 500 kick-board
  • 100 freestyle kick
  • 100 dolphin kick face down
  • 100 backstroke kick
  • 100 brest stroke kick
  • 100 freestyle kick
  • 500 yards freestyle with Pull Buoy and Paddles
  • 150 yard freestyle no tools
  • 100 yard backstroke
  • 150 yard freestyle
  • 100 yard backstroke
  • 500 yard fin work 
  • 150 yard kick-board freestyle kick
  • 100 yard dolphin kick face up
  • 150 yard kick-board freestyle kick
  • 100 yard dolphin kick face up

500 yard Cooldown

  • 250 yard slow freestyle swim with pull buoy and paddles
  • 250 yard slow freestyle no tools

Static Stretching, hips, shoulders, arms, calves, achilles

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