Keep Going

I find when establishing a new habit that it is imperative to keep going. Do NOT skip more than one day.

So, you may have noticed, I did not publish my swim workout yesterday. Don’t fret, yesterday I swam 3750 yards. I just did not write about the workout. It was really a good swim. I felt good. Weekly, I try to get one longer slower swim in to build endurance and continue to grow conditioning.

As you, my dear reader, can tell, my publishing writing muscles are still too weak to take a break. Like physical muscles, one needs to (re)start slowly, build consistency which will lead to confidence and better writing. However, the writing habit is still too weak. So, I am back at writing today! Need to (re)start my publishing streak. It’s okay – just keep going!

If you try to start publishing by writing the book, you will burn out just as If you start running by trying to run an ultra-marathon right now without having exercised, you will hurt yourself and quit. So, take small baby steps and Just keep going one step after another. Soon, you will be running.

Now back to swimming. I generally don’t swim on the weekends. Pool is too busy with swim lessons and other activities. Also, I mentioned in the past, I give my body the weekends to recover, rest, and recharge from swimming. Instead, I often go for walks, golf, garden, or bike on weekends. I just find I feel better when I get movement in every day. So. I keep going.

This week, I need to remember that baby step practice.

Fortunately, (And I do mean fortunately) I will not be able to do my usual swim workouts. So, I’m taking a needed break. I do plan to do some sort of daily exercise. I need to keep going

As an avid swimmer, my heart and my mental strength are strong enough to physically run. However, my legs, hips, core, (okay my entire body) is not conditioned to run. Although, I can power through a run if needed. I have run a 5k without prep and was sore for the next two weeks. Instead, I need to be disciplined to walk-run in sequences, build slowly, and not worry about achieving high intensity. In running, I am back to being a beginner.

Reminder to self: run slow. Don’t power through even if you feel great. The body needs to be conditioned. Building slowly is continuing the streak and is a form of going. Be KIND to yourself.

Similarly, be kind to myself about publishing and writing. Sometimes, we need breaks. It takes practice. Build slow. If you got this far, Thank you dear reader for letting me build slowly.

Today’s (non swim) workout:


  • Inside Leg: 12x inside leg lifts.
  • Outside leg: 12x fire hydrant doggy style leg lifts.


  • Upper Abs: 15 crunches
  • Lower Abs: 12 knee ups
  • Upper Abs: 15 full sit-ups
  • Lower Abs: 12 reverse straight leg ups
  • Side Abs: 12 oblique v-ups (each side)
  • Back: 12 exercise ball reverse crunches.
  • Side Abs: 12 Russian twists (each side) with 12 lb kettlebell
  • Abs: 60 second full plank

It is as easy as: Start a new streak and Keep going.

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