Do I really eat 3790 calories a day?

When I first read at that Americans eat 3,790 calories a day, I thought that number is insane. Do we really eat that much, 3,790 calories a day?

I wanted to find out. So, my May 2007 goal was just to measure my Food in vs. Food out. I was not too worried about how much I ate or how much I exercised. I just wanted to measure, because it is very difficult to change what you do not measure.

Scott’s Food In May 2007Well, May 19, 2007, I ate 3,744 calories, and my trend for May ended at 2,800 calories a day. No wonder I have gained weight. Fortunately, due to my participation at May 2007 Daily Exercise Challenge , I also exercised 20 out of 31 days for an average Food out of about 200 calories a day. When I add 200 calories to my Resting Metabolic Rate of 1,800 calories, my Food out trend for May is 2,000 calories burned each day.

What did I learn from my May 2007 Goal?

When I am not watching my diet, I am a typical American and really do eat 3,790 calories a day. I don’t have an internal food clock. I have to track my food in and food out in order for me to lose and maintain my optimal weight of 160 lbs +/- 5lbs. I also learned that I am not a fan of being a calorie counter, but simpleweight made it easy.

Did I lose weight even though Food in (2,800 calories) > Food Out (2,000 calories)?

You bet I did.

May 1, my trend weight was 189.9 lbs. May 31, my trend weight was 186.5.

In one month, I lost 3.4 lbs, and all I did was track my weight, Food In, and Food out?

One question, I asked myself is why did I lose weight even though Food in 2,800 > Food Out 2,000? I have to imagine just the action of committing to tracking my weight, exercise, and diet every day caused me to be mindful of my weight loss goals. Consequently, I ate less than the 3,790 calories I normally ate in the past. In fact, if you look at my Food In Chart above, many times, I ate closer to 2,000 calories with a few spikes here and there. Imagine what I could do if I really try.

How should I really try?

Stay tuned for the actual details, but if you want the teaser. The Slow Weigh to weight loss is to make small methodical changes to your diet and exercise while using to measure your Food in & Food out. The great thing about is you can use whatever weight management plan or diet plan you want as long as you are tracking your weight, exercise, and diet regularly.

Do you eat 3,790 calories a day?

Find out by tracking your diet, or Food In, at

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