How do you share your fitness log with your mentor?

We released the “health club” edition of Simpleweight this past Friday. Someone asked me, what’s the big deal?  Why is this feature useful?

So, here’s the point:

When you share your weight loss and make it public you hold yourself more accountable. For many people, its easy to let yourself down, but they wouldn’t dare let someone else down.  Think about it, when you want to get somewhere that involves other people, most people try to arrive on time.  When you want to get somewhere by yourself, you meander and take your time.  Why?  It’s that peer pressure.

So, With the latest release,  We created a public page for every user.

When you log into simpleweight, your home page has a link that you can send to your friends and family to help you reach your goals.

How a URL might look:{insert – your – simple weight user name here}.

—  Now, I recently read an article that stated:

But then we looked at the response to this question:

“Have you ever had regular mentorship from someone who was in the exact shape you wanted to be in?”

Note: In this context, regular mentorship is defined as constructive and impartial feedback and direction, on a near-daily basis, for a continuous period of at least 3 months.

And check this out: 77% of the 5’s said “Yes” (37 out of 48)
Only 17% of the 3’s and 4’s said “Yes”

And less than 5% of the 1’s and 2’s said “Yes”

source: Mentorship, Support, Accountability – Part 1 Who’s Your Nutritional Mentor?

What does this mean?
First: The article surveyed a group of individuals. In that survey, Users were asked to identify their happiness as related to their physique and fitness. The survey used a scale where 5’s are people who are Extremely Happy with their physique. 1’s were Extremely Unhappy.

So, of the people where were extremely happy 77% of them used a coach, mentor, friend to give them constructive and impartial feedback and direction, on a near-daily basis

This unscientific research study demonstrates the impact of making your weight loss social. Some keys:

  • Find a mentor or coach who is positive
  • Find a mentor or coach who are successful at body weight management
  • Try to hang around healthy people
  • Receive consistent scheduled daily feedback
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism. You may not always like what you hear.

With simpleweight, you can email your coach, mentor, family, friends, co-workers, everyone, about your weight loss. Send them to your health-club page. Ask them to keep tabs and give you fair and balanced (positive and constructive) comments.

Who is your mentor? Join Simpleweight now so you can share your Health Club Page with your social network and increase the likelihood of your weight loss success.

3 funny motivational reasons to Lose Weight

Ways to stay motivated during weight loss.

On rainy days, like today in Chicago-land area, motivation can be fleeting. It seems to be common around the internet.  I’ve seen two or three posts today on how to fight doldrums, stay motivated, and be productive.

I ran across this rather funny take on motivation titled:  Decrease your Likelihood of Being Hit By a Meteor.

Here’s the top 3 funniest motivations for losing weight that I saw:

Reason #4: To Decrease your Likelihood of Being Hit By a Meteor
Reason #5: To Decrease Your Likelihood Of Being Eaten By Cannibals
Reason #8: Get Drunk Quicker

The post is funny, but a poignant reminder we have to constantly focus on our own motivation for managing our weight.

Some people have a very life or death reasons for weight gain or weight loss, cancer, heart issues, diabetes, bone structure, and many more.  The Doctor told them, you need to eat right and get in better shape or you will die. In that scenario, it’s a pretty compelling reason to change your habits. Other people don’t have that motivation, they might not see it that way, and only want to use fitness as a way to get more money, power, better looking, etc.

Regardless, whatever the motivation, The motivation has to be internalized. If the motivation is outward pressure from your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, children, dog, chicken, slug, or favorite trilobite, you will likely return to your normal habits. Repeat this to yourself: What is my motivation for weight loss? I have to find my own motivation.


Take 5 minutes to Breath, Close your Eyes, and Think: `What are my 10 motivational reasons for physical fitness?`. Write them down and revisit those motivating reasons everyday! Make sure your reasons are sustainable for a lifetime!

Tell me: What motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Side note:

Ryan and I are in the middle of a redesign and refresh. As I always ask, What is the number one thing can do to help you with you achieve your physical fitness goals?

another side note: 3 other interesting articles.

The No-Diet Diet from Real Simple.

How Leo is going to get in shape

Join Simple Weight for easy to use physical fitness tools.

Think and Lose Weight

Photo from: by: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³
Think and Lose weight? What a load of dirty socks, you say. Is this some weight loss take on the psychic book The Secret?

Well, a recent NPR Article, Hotel Maids Challenge the Placebo Effect, describes the weight loss effects of Hotel Maids. If you are not familiar with the placebo effect, the placebo effect is when you think something is going to happen and it happens even though whatever you did really did not cause it.

When you think of a Hotel maid, they’re doing working all day. Would you call that work exercise?

What about a roofer or construction worker? Is that work considered exercise?

Most of us would say yes, but to the Maid, they just think its their job. So, the Maid is not aware of the physical exertion he or she is doing on a daily basis. What the article demonstrates is that if you think you are not doing exercise, your body acts like you are not doing exercise.

Wow- What a negative placebo effect. You mean if I am carrying my 6 lb baby around the house all day, and I don’t think that is exercise, then I don’t benefit from the exertion.

That’s what the Harvard psychologist states in the NPR article.

I’d personally like to think I would probably benefit from the exercise, but maybe not as much if I think carrying a baby around is exercise.

Can we do the opposite? If I think my work, which consists primarily of desk work, is exercise, will my body react by losing weight?

Sure why not? As long as you can convince yourself that your day-to-day activities actually burn calories, then yes, I think you would have some positive effect from the placebo.The key is Can you convince yourself with honesty? You have to make the vision so realistic and so vivid that you convince yourself as well others.

So. Can you think and lose weight?

Yes! That’s an emphatic Yes! In fact, I say if you don’t think you will NOT lose weight.

So, let’s think, think, think (as Winne the Pooh says)

So many diet plans say,

  • Lose weight without trying.
  • Lose weight the easy way.
  • Lose weight by eating the same foods.
  • Lose weight without making any changes.
  • Lose weight without thinking.
  • Lose weight by surgery.
  • Lose weight with diet pills.
  • Lose weight without going to the gym.
  • Lose weight with only 7 minutes a day.
  • Lose weight…. etc.

How can any diet, exercise, fitness plan make these claims? If I read that, I have to NOT think to believe those claims. Everyone knows to lose weight one must eat less food than they expend.

My take from the NPR article is: The only way to lose weight is to think.

By thinking, we live consciously. Some examples:

  • Think: that food going into my mouth is good for me and helps me lose weight.
  • Think: the bouncing of my leg while working at my desk helps burn extra calories and stimulates weight loss.
  • Think: the standing up straight and smiling is more difficult to do than slouching and frowning so it uses more muscles and I burn more calories providing better weight loss.
  • Think: Before I take this bite of food, Am I full? Can I live without it?
  • Think: At the restaurant, that plate of food sure is big, before I even take a bite, Can I get a to-go box?
  • Think: I am losing weight therefore I am.
  • Think: My clothes are starting to feel big on me.
  • Think: While doing exercise, think how many calories you are burning and how great it feels to burn those calories. Stay focused. Remember, if you are doing the exercises mindlessly, you might as well be a hotel maid doing work.

By Thinking, you will actually begin to create habits. By creating habits, that’s when you can lose weight without even knowing it.

Many people shoot down books like The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, and Creative Visualization, because they tell the reader you can think to achieve some goal. But, really, You have to think.

Another example, I have to think to remember to record my weight every day. I have to think don’t eat all that fatty restaurant food, because they’re just giving you a ton to make you feel like you had a good value.

So, yes, for every action, there is an equal reaction.

You can Think and Lose Weight!

You don’t believe me, do you?

Here is a challenge:
Before you go to bed tonight, Write down your weight loss goal in present tense and describe in vivid detail you in your perfect form. When you wake up tomorrow morning, read your goal out loud. Do it again the next day, and I do literally mean physically write out again your weight loss goal and perfect body in graphic present tense detail. Then wake up in the morning and recite the goal. Repeat these steps every day for 30 days.

For example,

By entering my weight into simpleweight, tracking my activities, and by logging the calories I ate daily, I am losing 2lbs this week while eating less and thinking my activities are burning calories. I have a size xxx pants, and the feeling of my flat stomach in the form fitted shirt makes me confident, etc… I am burning calories by standing up straight, walking to work by parking my car in a far away parking spot, and walking up two flights a stairs each day, etc…

The key here is try to be as specific as possible and do some variation from day to day reflecting what you visualize for the next morning.

By taking this action daily of writing down your goal at night and reciting your goal in the morning, you will Think and Lose weight.

Photo Credit: ‘why yes I love him, but keep it secret!’ via Flickr, by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

Pay it forward – Simple Weight Loss style!

Leo Babauta from is sponsoring a pay it forward web event, and I am giving away free 12 month simpleweight subscriptions. To learn how to receive your subscription, keep reading.Pay It Forward to bring people closer and restore kidness

What is a pay it forward web event?

The purpose of the event is to bring people closer and restore kindness

To quote Leo quoting Ben Franklin:

Here’s Ben Franklin on this concept:

I do not pretend to give such a Sum; I only lend it to you. When you […] meet with another honest Man in similar Distress, you must pay me by lending this Sum to him; enjoining him to discharge the Debt by a like operation, when he shall be able, and shall meet with another opportunity. I hope it may thus go thro’ many hands, before it meets with a Knave that will stop its Progress. This is a trick of mine for doing a deal of good with a little money.

To Demonstrate the goodness of Humanity, The idea is to perform some act of kindness, but with the intention of never receiving anything in return except asking the person to perform some act of kindness to someone else in the future.

So instead of paying me back, you need to pay it forward.

Leo mentioned he would link to my website if I perform some act of kindness. I don’t know if he will or will not link to me.
(Leo if you’re reading this and you do choose to link to my fantastic simple weight loss site. Thank you.) Regardless, I plan to participate.

What do I have to give to fulfill my act of kindness?

  • First, I have some positive inspiring comments I can give to my family and friends.
  • Second, I have some stuff (clothing, home furnishings, technology items) I will bring to the local goodwill.
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to clean the environment
  • Finally, I will give free 12 month subscriptions to use simple weight to the first 12 people who leave a comment on this post describing how they will use our website to better handle their weight management goals.
    (I recommend SMART goals).

What do I ask in return?

  1. You truly need to dedicate yourself to using the site. We want you to reach your weight management goal. Using the site can be as simple as entering your weight weekly or tracking exercise habits daily.
  2. Of course, I will trust you to pay it forward and help someone else down the road.

I know you do not want to be the Knave to stop the progress of random kindness.

Remember, weight management is as easy as food in = food out.

Organizing Behaviors make for Successful Weight Loss.

Organizing Thinking Behaviors will aid in weight loss.  Picture from:  Stock Xchng  Created by:  Henkster:

Wow. What a powerful study. A article titled: Weight loss is all in your head details that Inga Treitler, Ph.D studied the behavior of 10 people from the National Weight Control Registry. The people with the greatest weight loss success are:

…controlled, methodical, disciplined sticklers for structure and routine. Punctual and neat, they always have a plan, timetable and calendar with appointments penciled in….

Now, not everyone thinks this way. Some of us are emotional gut thinkers, some of us are visual thinkers, some of us are analytical and mathematical thinkers.

How does this help us with weight loss or weight gain?

First, identify your personality type to help you succeed with your weight loss . I did this by reading books by Dr. David Keirsey: Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types and Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence.

If you don’t want to read the books, there are many other ways to determine your behavior habits by searching the web for Type and Temperament surveys.

Second, Use your behavior type to your advantage. Some examples include:

  • If you are a Visual Thinker, then you could take time to visualize weight gain, draw pictures of your weight management, make collages of you exercising, visualize eating properly, visualize yourself at your ideal weight, and draw mind-maps of your weight management goals.
  • If you are an Emotional Thinker, then use your emotions. Ask Friends to talk about what’s best for weight loss. Teach someone about exercising. Design activities that arouse your emotions and Use Anger, Happiness, Fear, Peace, Worry, Satisfaction, etc. to support your weight gain or weight loss goals.
  • If you are a Mathematical Thinker, then you could think of your weight loss as a math problem, and devise multiple solutions and proofs. Calculate the calories at each meal designing an analytical solution for your day’s meal plan
  • Finally, if you are an Organized Thinker, Make To Do Lists, Organize, and Add to your Calendar when you are going to lose weight. Make a recipe plan daily of what you plan to eat.

I’ll expand on these topics in a future post.

Third, Modify your behavior and thinking to help you become a more Organized Thinker.

Now, here’s the detail, I think is important, is that your temperament and type will likely change. I can see in my past activities, there have been periods of times where I was very much an analytical thinker, visual thinker, emotional thinker, and even the structured thinker.

Even if you are not an organized thinker, we can apply the practices of David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time to our weigh management life.

When you are practicing organizing behavior, you are firing neurons in the part of the brain that helps with successful weight loss.

If you have been procrastinating on cleaning out the garage. Plan to do it now while you are managing your weight.

If you need to schedule a dentist appointment, doctor’s appointment, or gambling appointment with your bookie. Do that now.

If you are notoriously late, then learn to wake up early and become punctual!

The mere action of organizing and building a structure to your life will help with your weight loss.

Finally, Use an online Weight Management Tool to help you organize your weight goals and to assist building organizing behaviors. As the article states, perform activities that are adding to your organizing behavior. One way to do so is to track what you eat, track what you do, and track what what you weigh everyday!

Picture source: Stock Xchng:
Picture created by: Henkster:

What will it take to manage your weight, diet, and fitness?

Short and sweet!

Choose what you want and become committed to the process. That is what it takes to manage your weight.

In a future blog post, I’ll delve into the process of positive self change.

For now, please let us help you get started.

If there was one thing we could do to motivate you to sign up to manage your weight and fitness, what would it be?

SW's Site of the week: Losing Weight Zone.

With SW’s Site of the week: We’ll describe a relevant website or blog that caught our eye.

Losing Weight Zone - Celebrity Weight Loss Updates

This week, I ran into Losing Weight Zone.

I don’t read People magazine, watch The View, Barbara Walters, or much TV at all really. I know that many people do, and I realize that we all have our own influencers and for some of you that is Celebrities.

Now, I am not making a distinction whether that is good or bad. It is what it is. Influencers can be strong motivators. For me, watching my brother make great decisions with his eating and exercise habits has really motivated me. Finding your influencers will make an impact on your weight management success. We’ll delve into influencers in a future blog post.

If your influencers are celebrities, I recommend you read Losing Weight Zone’s Celebrity Weight Loss category.

From what I can tell, Losing Weight Zone is a new blog that is building a nice niche of weight loss articles. Don’t get me wrong, they are not just about celebrities. They’ve done some good research gathering different press releases and news articles that people losing weight might find interesting. Of course, you will often find some of the same exercise, nutrition, diet, and weight loss content on our Simpleweight Blog, but I really like the way they mix different content together. The site has a clean open wordpress theme.

The thought I leave you with is who are your influencers? Find them and use them to help your motivation, and I’ll have to watch Losing Weight Zone for a bit to see if they become a permanent member of my daily reading.

Weight Management Checklist

Ian McKenzie wrote a great self management checklist that we can apply to Weight management.

Ian Writes:

Some people look at self-management techniques as cumbersome, getting in the way of productivity. The truth is, if you look at successful and productive people, you’ll find some type of system guiding them. Give it a try.

1 ) Set Specific Goals, 2 ) Set Specific Times, 3 ) Track your Progress, 4 ) Set Rewards or penalties, 5 ) Take small steps, 6 ) Break it down into pieces, 7 ) Monitor time increments, 8 ) Share your Goals, 9 ) Have a work buddy, 10 ) Review with your buddy, 11 ) Eliminate distractions, and 12 ) Review and rework your system.

How can we apply this to weight management? Continue reading Weight Management Checklist