Patent Search Diet

Weight Watchers Patent Search Diet

Did you know you could use Google Patent Search to diet?

That’s what I learned at I found an article Kyle wrote describing Unconventional Diet Tips, Lose 50 lbs in 3 months. First, the tips are worth mentioning:

  1. Buy a Digital Scale
  2. Weigh yourself everyday
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
  4. Make your Diet Public
  5. Don’t Diet on the weekends
  6. Don’t sacrifice your life for your diet
  7. Make Small Changes
  8. Gain perspective by understanding the fractions
  9. Rationalize your workouts
  10. Have a red flag weight

Lastly, for the curious out there…I followed the Weight Watchers diet. I did not pay for the diet, nor did I go to meetings. I found out all the information about the diet on-line. The first place to look is at their patent.

All well known diets are available via Google Patent Search.

Author: Kyle Pott, Source:

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Why Build Simpleweight – Defining Simpleweight Success

Create your own weight loss or weight gain success.  |

Back stage, the building of Why did we build Simpleweight?

With any project or goal, we personally like to define our own success. Yes, we are human, and of course we value other people’s opinion, but we really try to rely on our own internal value system.

Consequently, before we started creating simpleweight, we defined how we would know our project was successful. If you look at our pricing structure (only $18/year), you already know we’re not out to make a fortune. In fact if you take into account our referral system ($5 per referral), you are certain we’re not going to make a fortune!

So you ask, why did we build Here are our goals for success:

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Simpleweight update released

We’re pleased to announce a bug release. We’ve added a few new features as well. For example, we simplified the Simpleweight Try It page. We added Resting Metabolic Heart-rate to our Daily Summary and Food in = Food Out equations. A whole bunch of small minor bug fixes. Thanks for using Simpleweight, and let us know what you think. If you have further requests, let us know.

New Release coming soon.

Ryan and I are putting the finishing touches on a new simpleweight release. We hope to release it very soon (no later than the end of May). The release contains both bug fixes and a few new features. We’ve added some more quick help content. Adjusted some of our pages to be more consistent. The release will also connect and release this Blog officially. Let us know what you want in your simple weight management toolset.

Time to start blogging

Welcome back blog.

What’s a web application these days without a web blog?

We’ve had our blog on the list of to do items for a while. As you can tell from our archive, we actually posted some articles. However, we decided to delay blogging simpleweight until we released a stable application. Well, simpleweight is stable and working. In fact, Ryan has lost 8 lbs and Scott has lost 4 lbs since starting to use simpleweight. We’ve got a few more items we want to complete, but as simpleweight version 1 becomes more stable, we will begin blogging more regularly. We look forward to everyone’s comments.

Simpleweight coming soon.

Our goal is to launch Simpleweight this Summer 2007. We have much of our internal application running smoothly. We’re now adding the finishing touches on the public content and our administrative pages. We can’t wait to show it off. It’s been a long fun project that we hope does not end until everyone simpleweights, because weight management really can be as simple as Food in = Food out.

More Internal releases.

We have been hard at work building our internal releases for Simple weight. We are getting closer to feature complete.

What is left to do? We have some reports to build for our weight management site to convey a user’s progress and give them simple information on their weight management goals. Then, we have a long list of nagging bugs. We need to refine the public feature set and information. Finally, we want to continue refining the User Interface.

Our goal is to try to make Weight management Simple!

We’re so close to the end of tunnel; we can see the light, but we still have a ton of internal milestones to complete. Our Private release is set for sometime before 2007 begins.

What is Simpleweight?

Simpleweight is a weight, diet, and exercise management site. We created simpleweight to help manage our own weight, and decided to help the world do the same. Our goal is to be the site you use for the rest of your life. No more yo-yo dieting, no more fad diets. Actually, there is nothing from stopping someone from using fad diets and our site. In fact, that’s the point of simpleweight. We help you track what you eat, what you weigh, and how much you exercise. You make the decisions on how and why and what. We believe that Weight Loss is as simple as Food in = Food out, and we’re determined to prove our belief correct. The site is currently in testing and we’ll be opening up for beta testing soon. We can’t wait!