Are you That Guy?

I mentioned to my wife the other night that I didn’t want to live up to a committment. She’s mentioned why don’t you reschedule or cancel.

I replied: “I don’t want to be That Guy.”

Are you That Guy?

Who’s That Guy?

That Guy is someone who says they will show up at 7:00pm, but he always shows up at 8:15pm.

That Guy is someone who raves at lunch about a great book. You ask him about it, and he say he’ll email you the title of the book, but you never receive an email.

That Guy is the person who says: Great to see you. We should connect. I’ll call you, but never does call.

That Guy is the person who says, I’m going to lose weight, but never does.

That Guy is someone on your team who never pulls his or her weight.

That Guy becomes a guy that is all talk and no action.

There is a theme here.

A theme of action with consistency!

If you set goals for yourself and you don’t take any action, You only hurt yourself. If you announce those goals to the world, you hurt yourself and risk becoming That Guy.

I preach Consistent Acition here at Simpleweight often.

All of these recommendations are about consistent action.

In my post about Breaking Bad Habits, I talked how I was going to break out of my rut. I promised to post two days a week, and I posted my workout schedule. Its Tuesday, I have yet to post.

Whew, I just made it. That is done. Yet, without a race, my workout motivation has been lax. I have yet to do  my Tuesday weight workout like I promised.

No Execuses?

My kids woke me up in the early morning, and I feel like I’m in the very early stages of fighting off a cold. Meaning, if I get my rest now, I won’t get a cold. So, when I woke up this morning, I decided to roll over and go back to sleep for a few extra minutes of sleep.

Yet, Making Exercise Immutable means: No Matter what, Exercise Happens. There are no execuses.

Today, I’m in danger of falling down the slippery slope of being That Guy.

What do I have to do tonight? I have to exercise! That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m coming home after working all day and then teaching at night to do a weight workout. I’ll comment  when I’m done exercising.  It’ll be late, but it’ll be done.  I’m not That Guy.

What are you doing to NOT be That Guy?

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