Where the Mind goes, the Body Follows

One thing I have learned is that the body follows the mind. If you take your mind into deep dark alleys of negativity, you will find that your body succumbs to the traps of food marketing easier. You will find that your willpower is depleted, exercise happens less often, and over-eating … Continue reading


Keep Going. Don't stop! Create Inertia! Let's talk how I have lost weight in the past multiple times. I did it by creating inertia. I used the power of habits, and I realized that exercise is a keystone habit. Naw, I stumbled on it. I didn't know exercise was the keystone of anything much … Continue reading


As a trained scientist, I learned that theories and hypothesis are not absolute. We find this element in our daily lives, our conversations, and even our politics. Einstein explained this by saying its all relative. Here's a quick example: If I'm in a car going 100 km per hour, from my front seat, … Continue reading

Return to Roots

I keep a lot of information in my head. Rarely, yet it happens, I forget basic items like, where did I put my wallet. When I do forget where I put my wallet or keys, I try to remember the last time I saw them. I re-trace my steps. I keep walking backwards until I absolute know from memory that I … Continue reading

What I would have written

Wow, this resonates with me for a multiple of reasons.  I'm on the road back to writing (I hope).  In the meantime, enjoy this quote:   I’ve been thinking about this damn essay for about a year, but I haven’t written it because Twitter is so much easier than writing, and I have … Continue reading