iPhone – EatWatch almost a reality?

This is awesome.  I’ve been wanting this for a long time.

Robert Scoble did an Epic Tour of SRI International.  In one of his demos,  they take a video of the food.  Then, they auto generate how many calories were on your plate.  It is effectively an Eat Watch.  I so WANT this.  Diet and guessing how many calories I eat is one of the biggest issues I have. I just eat too much food without realizing it.  This app would help me know before I eat, how much.

Take a look:

Lost? Take one step at a time.

Yes, I am lost in a fog.

I weigh myself everyday, but I fail to record my weight in any type of log.

I exercise 4 to 5 times a week, but I fail to log the exercise.

I overeat, and I eat junk food, and I have tried to log my food, but fail to log my eating habits.

If you don’t measure it, did it really happen?

I don’t need a log to understand my feelings and see my body composition. I am not obese. I doubt many would call me fat, but the opposite is true. I doubt many would call me the image of fitness. Yet, does it matter what the many would or would not say?

It matters what I think and feel. As I said before, I am lost in a deep dense fog walking through a forest. Searching. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter why we do it. We must Dream Big, Act Small. One step at a time. I have often thought to myself: Who cares about why? I care. Yet, while I am searching. I can still take small steps and trust my inner compass.

Swimming in December…

Long time no talk,

Yes, I am still here.  Yes I don’t have much to say right now.  If you have not figured out by now, I blog when I have something to say.  When I do, I hope its of value.

Where am I at?  What’s my exercise goals for 2011?  What am I thinking?  Where do I want to take Simpleweight?  I’m not sure on all fronts.  More introspection must be done.  In the meantime, I went swimming today for the first time in about a month.  It felt awesome.  Its amazing how energetic exercise can make you feel.

Merry Christmas.

— Scott

As always, if there is anything I can do to help you achieve your fitness goals, let me know.  I aim to help!

Do you like to look at Breasts or Prostates? – Movember Challenge

Take a look at Scott’s Moustache.
Let's Fight Cancer!

I have nothing against female breasts. In fact, I am an unabashed fan.  Any and all breast sizes are super sexy.

We see all sorts of Breast related advertising. Even in round about ways.  For example, in October, the National Football League did all sorts of campaigns to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Now, there is nothing sexy about cancer, but saving breasts that is a worthy cause we all can cheer for.

After thinking about it, I wondered Where is the prostate marketing?  Companies don’t try to sell you their game, clothing, beer, or service with prostates. Another example, We eat chicken Breasts.  We don’t eat chicken Prostates.

I don’t ever want to look at them and definitely will not eat them, but I think Prostates are worth saving too.

Seriously, though.  For the month of November, I joined the Movember movement.

“Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache.”

Yes, I am growing a moustache and accepting donations to help science research for Men’s Health issues such as prostate cancer.

I’m doing this because many of my relatives have had to fight cancer, and I know it is a scary predicament to fight. By bringing awareness, hopefully Science Research and Faith can help us prevent future generations from experiencing the cancer plight.

Now, the odds are stacked against us.  You are probably fighting cancer right now!

  • 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime.
  • 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

What can you do? (part 1)

You can support my efforts by making a donation to support the great work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.

  • Click this link http://us.movember.com/mospace/986690/ and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account
  • Write a check payable to Movember, referencing my name or Registration Number 986690 and mailing it to: Movember, PO Box 2726, Venice, CA 90294-2726

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please visit

What can you do? (part 2)

According to the Mayo clinic,  there are some concrete steps we can take now to help our bodies fight cancer.

  1. Choose a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Choose healthy foods over supplements.
  3. Exercise most days of the week.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Talk to your doctor if you think you have an increased risk of cancer.

Whether you like to look at Breasts or Prostates, both cancers are worth fighting.

Updated:  Added Nov 30 Photo

Why Are You Destroying Yourself?

For the first time in 6 weeks, I set my alarm to wake up this morning. I’ve been fortunate enough that kids, wife, or nature will wake me up in time to be productive for the day. However, I noticed that my son is arriving to school a little later each day. I don’t like it when he’s at school and they have already started the lesson plan. So, I figured its time to set the alarm.

Boardwalk through cattails on a lake during Autumn.

When I awoke, I was groggy, and wanted to go back to sleep. Of course, I snoozed twice. I am a snoozer if I can. Finally, I decided its time for me to get up, but I wasn’t ready. I’ve got about two dozen books on my nightstand ready for browsing and reading. On a whim, I opened my bible to random page like I like to do:

Here’s what I read:

God…asks you: “Why are you destroying yourselves?”
Jeremiah 44:7 New Living Translation

Wow, what a wake up call for the morning.

How am I destroying myself?

  • I’m announcing my goals and failing to meet them i.e. Not blogging every Tuesday & Thursday.
  • I’m exercising when I feel like it rather than making exercise immutable.
  • I’ve been terrible in the productivity department. Take now, I’m writing this blog post when I have other more pressing priorities and tasks.
  • I’m searching for my working identity. Where is it?  Who am I?
  • I eat too much food. Its autumn and my appetite is out of control. I’m not exercising as much. I wonder if my ancestors were cold weather hibernators. Does my body feel the cold Chicago winter coming on and is it building its winter fat stores? How cruel.
  • My diet is bad. Its not terrible, but its definitely not good. Take today. I had two fast-food hamburgers, a large french fry, and a small chocolate shake from Culver’s. I just had a hamburger on Sunday, and have fast food at least once or twice a week.
  • I will eat too much ice cream, cookies, cake, or other sweets for after dinner desserts. Even if I just have a benign grilled chicken with vegetables, I end up eating too much.

Who’s at fault for the destruction?

Its not the food’s fault. It’s not my family’s fault. It’s not my injuries or anything. Its my fault. As God mentions above: Why are you destroying yourself? I am the one at fault.

I’m destroying myself by my actions. These actions are not indicative of the lifestyle I want to live. Yet, I know by talking about it, I have just relieved the mind. At the same time, I also know I’m not as bad as it sounds.

What can I do to stop destroying myself?

One) I can stop the negative self-talk.
Sure, I’m not exercising 5 times a week each day for 60 to 90 minutes a day like all the science studies suggest. However, I’m still exercising two to three times a week. That was much more than I was doing this time last year. This time last year, I was not exercising at all. Productivity wise, sure, I might not be doing the high priority tasks, but I am doing the medium priority tasks. Action: Accentuate the Positive!

Two) Make Exercise Immutable even in the Fall/Winter/Spring time.
Find an offseason training program that can i fit in my schedule pronto! Find my next event to participate in.  Century Ride?  Triathlon?  Walk?  Hike?

Three) Plan meals better.
I often eat out due to my lack of meal planning.

The thing is, I still have not answered God’s question: Why am I destroying myself?

How about you: How and Why are you destroying yourself?

Chicago 2010 Triathlon Bike Recap, Part 4 of 7

Post Triathlon Recap Part 3 of 7. I started writing up a recap of my event, and it kept growing and growing and growing. I decided to break it up. The purpose of the recap is give new people the thoughts and ideas they can use to help them prepare for their own future first endurance event!

Whoa, am I cruising. I think this is the fastest, I’ve ever ridden my bike. The swim was rougher than I thought, but this bike ride is fun. Yet, How come I’m not passing anybody? Whoa, there goes a cool bike and another and another.

The bike part of the Chicago Triathlon was super fun. Normally in my training, I’m average between 15mph and 16mph. Granted, I usually train over curvey somewhat hilly Forest Preserve Trails. I can’t go much faster with my bike or my tires will slip out, and I’ll fall and crack my helmet. Still, I did some road rides, and I only averaged 16mph. During the Chicago Triathlon, I averaged 17.5 mph. I was cruising. Yet, I was passed more than I passed.

It was a little demoralizing to know that I am going as fast as I have ever gone, and yet I’m getting passed more often than not. I really thought I’d be faster on the bike. Yet, I didn’t let that get me down. How often do you get to Ride on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago? Twice a year: once during the Chicago Triathlon, and once during bike the drive. (Am I missing another time?)

The lakefront in the northern part of the city is awe inspiring. Its super fun.

Some unexpected thoughts: Wow, those cars are loud. I knew to expect cars, but I was surprised at how loud it was. I guess that’s what I get for having 70% of my training in forests rather than roads.

Man, there were quite a few bicyclists with break downs, tire flats, etc. I guess it happens, and I’m glad it didn’t happen to me, as I have all the tools to change a flat, but I have never done it on a bicycle.

Whoa, Lake Shore Drive has lots of potholes and dangerous spots for bicyclists. There were quite a few times where if you had changed lanes, your tire would have gotten stuck. Of course, since the bike stops, the rider would have gotten through off the bike right into fast moving cars. It was much more dangerous than I expected, and I had to stay more alert.

The Lakeshore Drive in Chicago is hillier than expected. This wasn’t as big a surprise, because I had read that on a few different blogs. Also, because my training rides include quick changes in elevation regularly, the hills were not that bad. Seriously, Illinois is some flat lands.

Things I learned:

I need to look into training with some more bike gear: Cycling Shoes, Aero Bars, Clown Hats (oops that’s for my circus blog.) to get my speed up to the 20 to 22 mph range.

It may behoove a newbie to participate in the Bike the Drive event http://bikethedrive.org/ just to get some experience on the Lake Shore Drive.

Eating on the bike is not the easiest thing to do, but I recommend it. Its much easier to eat a snack on the bike than it is swimming and running.

I recommend staying hydrated during the bike. You probably won’t carry a water bottle running. On the bike, it’s a little easier. Just make sure your water bottle cages are tight as there were quite a few random water bottles that flew off due to the crazy pot-holes.

Practice your T2 transition before the event. What are you going to do when you get off the bike? How do you plan on transitioning to the run? What gear do you need? Will you need to change any clothes?

Also, I think I need to do more interval bike training to help speed up my event.

Finally, I think I have to remember, not to use up all my energy on the bike. I was going faster than I ever rode, and I still had a 6 mile run to do. Sometimes, its best to conserve the energy.

During the bike, twice I got that super Runner’s High. It doesn’t happen to much for me when I exercise. Its that supreme feeling of peace and happiness. It was about 1/3 of the way through the bike route. I just realized that, I was going to finish a triathlon. It was really happening. I had done the swim, I was cruising along on the bike, and I knew that even if I had to walk the 6 mile run, I was going to do it. At that moment, I broke in a big smile, and I had to choke back tears. It was a super feeling knowing that my hard work was paying off.

Then, I realized, wait a minute, Don’t count my chickens before they are hatched. I still have another 15 miles or so to go of biking, and the entire run.

I then started cruising even faster. I felt so good on the bike, and I was setting myself up for a great run. My T2 was super slower than the average, but I decided to switch shirts. I felt I’d be a little cooler in a different shirt, and the weather was just starting to get hot. After the swim and the bike, I was on pace for a sub 3 hour time which was my unofficial goal. My bike was 1:26:30 and the bike rank was 2795/3905.

As a side note: Today is the first day of the Chicago Triathlon 2011 registration. I still haven’t fully committed to doing it yet. So, I haven’t registered.

Tune in next time to see how my Run went.

Part 1:  Expo Day
Part 2:  Transition Set-up
Part 3:  The Swim
Part 4:  The Bike
Part 5:  The Run, if you must call it that.
Part 6:  Post Race.  Will I do a triathlon again?
Part 7:  Race Day Gear Thoughts

Get Back At It

It took me a long time to learn the lesson. Too Long if you ask me.

Learn Your Lesson, You are Not Perfect!

From grammar school to high school, I was an excellent student. I almost always did my homework. I rarely missed a day. I wasn’t perfect, but I tried my best. I was very close to perfect. I had no doubt I was going to college. In fact, I could pretty much pick the college I wanted to go to provided my family and I could afford it.

Something changed in college, my focus changed. It went from academics to social. It took me almost the entire four years of college to regain my academic focus. I skipped classes. I took homework for granted. I was able to get B’s and C’s in most classes without having to do too much work. Yet, how did I slip up? What lesson did it take me too long to find?

What would happen is I would miss a class. I’d miss a homework date. Then, I’d miss another class, and another. I’d think to myself. Since, I already missed a class and homework, I can’t be perfect. So, I might as well miss more. Then, mid-term would come, and I’m spending the night before cramming my butt off, because I didn’t do the day-to-day work. I’d get a B or a C on the midterm. This success without work quickly became a bad habit. The thinking since I wasn’t perfect, I might as well slip up even more was poor judgement. The if I’m not perfect, I might as well be the exact opposite.

How does this apply to fitness?

Its the same as thinking, well, I just had a bowl of ice cream, I might as well eat the whole pint.

Its the same thinking as I missed my exercise the past few days, I might as well not do it today.

For me, the lesson I learned is that perfection thinking is crap thinking. Just because you slipped up yesterday, and you can not be perfect anymore doesn’t mean squat. I’m not perfect. I’m human, and humans are not meant to be perfect.

The lesson that took me so long to learn was: If you get off the horse, get right back on as soon as you can! I’ve talked about this unperfection lesson in a different way in the past in the blog post: Begining with the end in mind.

Why do I bring this up? Well, This past week, I fell off the horse. The prior week, I was great. I met all my fitness goals. This week, not so much. I did some great hiking on Sat, Sept 19. (I know that is last week, but the hiking was pretty strenuous and I needed Sunday and Monday to recover. Okay, that seems like an execuse and probably is.) So, I skipped all my weight workouts. I did Bike Wednesday a nice strong 17 miles. Yet, I feel like a failure especially considering I have not adjusted my diet to match my lack of activity. I am even posted late this week. I did a late Tue, but where is Thursday’s post like I said.

But, when you fall off the horse, you get right back up as soon as you can. I’m blogging today, Friday. Saturday, I plan to walk around most of the day. Sunday Morning, I plan on running with my wife for an anniversary jog. I’m still figuring out the rest of my exercise schedule, but I’m going to do it! I’m making exercise immutable.

In other news, I get a chance to practice my photographry skills as I’m going to the Chicago Gourmet Food & Wine celebration this weekend. I will plenty opportunity to take all sorts of great shots in Millenium Park. I’m excited about all the tastings and the chance to hear some expert Chefs and Sommeliers speak. If you have any recommendations on what tastings I should hit, let me know.

Remember. You are not perfect! Yet, you can get dust yourself off and get right back up! You can do it just as I can.

For the Love of Action

I’m not sure I’m a triathlete yet.

This past weekend, I went camping and hiking with my dad, my 5yr old son, my brother, and my two nephews.

A family that plays together stays thin together.

I enjoy hiking a ton. Its super fun to walk out in nature. Take in all the bugs, animals, and beautiful foliage.  (okay bugs are so fun if they’re mosquitos.)  We drove 3 hours away so we can endure a little bit of topography during our hike. Just the fact that we got to see views is awesome considering Illinois is a flat geologic basin (although, we benefit by great ground water). The activeness of topography was one characteristic of living in Montana or Colorado that I really miss.

My wife and I try to encourage our kids to be active. We go for walks, we play at the park, we’ll play tag inside, dance, swim, soccer, baseball, basketball.

By taking my son hiking and camping, he gets to use his body and have fun doing it. Who doesn’t like climbing boulder-sized rocks along a lakefront? That’s better than a jungle gym if you ask me.

When I was growing up, my mom and my dad always provided ample opportunity for me to have fun in action. We camped, we walked, we played sports. Some of these I did alone, some of these we did as a family. I really thank them for those opportunities. Of course, they are fond memories, but it also helped me to realize that moving my body is Fun! Exercise can be fun. It doesn’t have to be running on a treadmill that goes nowhere. It doesn’t have to be lifting weights with no action. Instead, I can carry the weight of a backpack while hiking through a forest or up a mountain.

Why do I say I’m not sure I’m a triathlete?

I mean I like biking, and I like swimming, and I guess if you twist my arm, I don’t mind running (too much). I had a great time with my past Triathlon experience.  The race really motivated my exercise.  However, This past Sunday where we were at in WI, it was 50 some degrees. It was rainy. The campground we were at held a triathlon. I was kind of excited and wanted to go see the participants. Yet, since it was so relatively cold and so wet, I was just happy to take down my tent without getting soaked.

I could not imagine getting up early to set up my transition area in a wet cold morning much less jumping in a cold lake, and then doing a bike and run afterwards. Those people are Triathletes. I’m not quite there yet. I’m not saying I won’t do another triathlon or another race. I’m not committing either way. However, on that cold morning, I had no desire to be out on there with them.

You know what? That’s okay. Everyone is different. We have to find exercises that we like. We have to learn how to naturally include more movement in our day to day activities in addition to the more strenuous endurance activities.

Races are great motivators, but they’re not the only way. Sure, I think races are good for me to motivate my exercise schedule. You may be different. What exercise do you love? That’s what matters when action in general becomes immutable in life!

Chicago Triathlon Swim, Part 3 of 7 2010 Recap

Post Triathlon Recap Part 3 of 7. I started writing up a recap of my event, and it kept growing and growing and growing. I decided to break it up. The purpose of the recap is give new people the thoughts and ideas they can use to help them prepare for their own future first endurance event!

Scott Ready for the Swim

About an hour before my race time, I walked back to the swim start. I watched a heat or two, and just mentally went through the whole race. Mind you, the time is around

7:00am ish. I knew from my practice, that it would take me about 30 minutes to put on my wetsuit. Those things are a pain the neck to put on. They’re so tight and new ones especially haven’t been stretched out. Wetsuits are suprisingly very fragile and can easily rip. As I was putting on my wetsuit, I started to sweat like crazy. The weather wasn’t too warm yet, but it was warm enough to be in shorts and a shirt and be comfortable. My brother came out to see me, and he helped zip the wetsuit up. By the time I got my suit on, my heat for the race was already in the chute and close to being next. I had to cut through a couple of heats, to get to my group, the white caps. At this point, I’m a little nervous, but confident. I feel like I’m a good swimmer, and I put in more than adequate time swimming in the pool.

My brother was standing there with me on the other side of the fence, so I was able to chat with him. I asked him if my ears were supposed to be in or out of the swim cap. I had never wore a swim cap before, so I didn’t know. He said it didn’t matter, but for me it was more comfortable to have the ears in the cap. My wife and kids showed up just as I was the next heat to jump in the lake. That was super fun. My daughter, Miss M, calls me super Daddy when I wear my wetsuit. I felt proud to be demonstrating an active lifestyle to my young kids. That as you age, you can still have fun and be active. My parents did that with me by participating in sports leagues and hiking. I’m glad I learned that lessson, and I am passing that on to my kids.

Chicago Triathlon Swim Chute

Now, I have never did get a chance to swim in my wetsuit. I also did not get a chance to swim in Lake Michigan. I had no idea what to expect. I expected super cold water. When it was our turn to jump in the lake for our swim start, I was surprised at how warm the water felt. It was officially 72 degrees at the start, but with the wetsuit on, I was totally warm. Almost too warm.

Bang, My First Triathlon Starts

At the Chicago Triathlon, you tread water for a couple of minutes before the start of the race. Now, I think I am a strong swimmer. From my timed pool practice, I felt I’d be a little better than average in the lake. So, I tried to position myself near the middle back of the pack. There were a lot dudes in my heat. The gun goes off, and we start swimming. There is really no where to go at the beginning. The people in front of you are not going, because the people in front of them are not moving. Its a really slow start.

I felt totally unprepared. Swimming with a swim cap was totally foreign. I felt like I couldn’t hear. I totally recommend that you swim with a swim cap at least part of the time before your next race just so you can get used to it. As I was swimming in the beginning, I tried to swim with the cap covering my ears, then i stopped and then tried it with cap just above my ears. I felt more comfortable with it over my ears, but all of that was challenging to do while swimming.

Swimming in the Dark

Its not dark. In fact, the sun is up and it is pretty bright outside, but the lake water although it is clear, doesn’t have the white bottom of the pool. So, as your swimming its really quite dark. Visibility was really low for me. I could not see where I was going at all. I tried to pick my head up to sight, but It was so difficult.

So, the awkwardness of swimming in the wetsuit for the first time, the darkness of the water all have me spooked. In fact, I almost panicked. Seriously, my heart was beating so fast. I just could not get used to swimming and bumping into people. Everytime I tried to swim, I would bump someone. I didn’t mind people bumping too much, but it was when I would put my hands out and bump someone else. I felt terrible about it, because I felt it was my fault since I couldn’t see so well. Also, your just not used to swimming into people since you don’t do it in your everyday swims. I’m really glad I’m a good swimmer, because I just kept telling myself the swim is the shortest part time-wise. Spacing will open up soon.

I had to actually do some breast stroke just to call myself down a little bit. While I’m swimming, I’m thinking there is no way I am doing a triathlon again. I can’t imagine if the water is freezing or if dead fish happened to get in the course, etc. Yet, I kept saying to myself, just swim. Its not that bad. Just swim, get to the outside and swim. So, I did that. I just kept stopping to see where I was, and just kept swimming on the outside trying my best to swim around people. its hard to tell how far you go in the lake, because you don’t turn at the pool wall and there are obviously no laps. However, the way the chicago triathlon swim course is set-up, you swim south in the lake then turn around and swim back north past the starting area. So, when you hit that starting area again, you know you’ve gone about half-way. So, the whole part, I keep thinking. Swim to the buoy, turn. then, I keep thinking swim to the start.

Just swim.

One happy surprising thing about Lake water swims, is the water actually tastes pretty good. Its basically Chicago Drinking water without all the copper pipe taste. Its much better than chlorinated pool water. That was kind of refreshing.

So, I just swim and keep sighting towards the finish. I felt bad, because I mentioned I am a pretty good swimmer. Well, I would get in a groove and swim pretty fast, and then I would bump into someone. This would cause me to stop and see where I was in relation to other people. At this point, I could see where there was a swimming lane and just swim around people, and did that most of the time. Yet, there were a few times, where I would bump into someone, then see where the person is, I swim past them then bump into them again, the swim past. I was really spooked by the bumping into people. I don’t know why, because like I said I wasn’t afraid of drowning or anything (except when I almost panicked a little after the swim started). I guess its been a while since I let my competitiveness take over my polite-ness.

I finally near the finish line. I’m making a bee-line towards the steps, and there are steps in the lake. For the triathlon, they build these steps in the lake to get out to run to the

Scott Triathlon T1 Transition

transition area. At the swim exit, there are bunch of volunteers in the water helping you. That was actually really nice.

The Transition and the Swim Exit Mat, is actually a good 400 yards away from the lake. So, I started jogging, I took off my swim cap, and googles, I half unzip my wetsuit and start running.

Run a Triathlon Barefoot?

I was totally surprised how far the lake swim exit was to the transition area. 400 yards is a healthy jog especially when you are doing it barefoot with wet soggy sensitive feet. I felt like I was running on gravel and tearing up my feet. It was due to that, I wasn’t sprinting to the bike.

Finally, I enter transition, and I plop down on the hill and pull of my wetsuit. I knew from my experience, that I’d need to sit down to take off my wetsuit. I wasn’t going to have enough room by my bike. My T1 transition was long compared to the norm. I was about 7:00 minutes and the norm is about 4:30 minutes. Part of the issue was I forgot my heart rate strap, and had to go back and get it. I know to practice my transition for next time.

Overall, my swim time was decent. I was right at the pace I wanted. 35:33.

Tune in next time to see how my Bike went.

Part 1:  Expo Day
Part 2:  Transition Set-up
Part 3:  The Swim
Part 4:  The Bike
Part 5:  The Run, if you must call it that.
Part 6:  Post Race.  Will I do a triathlon again?
Part 7:  Race Day Gear Thoughts

Are you That Guy?

I mentioned to my wife the other night that I didn’t want to live up to a committment. She’s mentioned why don’t you reschedule or cancel.

I replied: “I don’t want to be That Guy.”

Are you That Guy?

Who’s That Guy?

That Guy is someone who says they will show up at 7:00pm, but he always shows up at 8:15pm.

That Guy is someone who raves at lunch about a great book. You ask him about it, and he say he’ll email you the title of the book, but you never receive an email.

That Guy is the person who says: Great to see you. We should connect. I’ll call you, but never does call.

That Guy is the person who says, I’m going to lose weight, but never does.

That Guy is someone on your team who never pulls his or her weight.

That Guy becomes a guy that is all talk and no action.

There is a theme here.

A theme of action with consistency!

If you set goals for yourself and you don’t take any action, You only hurt yourself. If you announce those goals to the world, you hurt yourself and risk becoming That Guy.

I preach Consistent Acition here at Simpleweight often.

All of these recommendations are about consistent action.

In my post about Breaking Bad Habits, I talked how I was going to break out of my rut. I promised to post two days a week, and I posted my workout schedule. Its Tuesday, I have yet to post.

Whew, I just made it. That is done. Yet, without a race, my workout motivation has been lax. I have yet to do  my Tuesday weight workout like I promised.

No Execuses?

My kids woke me up in the early morning, and I feel like I’m in the very early stages of fighting off a cold. Meaning, if I get my rest now, I won’t get a cold. So, when I woke up this morning, I decided to roll over and go back to sleep for a few extra minutes of sleep.

Yet, Making Exercise Immutable means: No Matter what, Exercise Happens. There are no execuses.

Today, I’m in danger of falling down the slippery slope of being That Guy.

What do I have to do tonight? I have to exercise! That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m coming home after working all day and then teaching at night to do a weight workout. I’ll comment  when I’m done exercising.  It’ll be late, but it’ll be done.  I’m not That Guy.

What are you doing to NOT be That Guy?