Motivation Site of the Week

SW's Site of the week: Losing Weight Zone.

With SW’s Site of the week: We’ll describe a relevant website or blog that caught our eye. This week, I ran into Losing Weight Zone. I don’t read People magazine, watch The View, Barbara Walters, or much TV at all really. I know that many people do, and I realize that we all have our […]


Dieting with Pareto’s Principle

Scott Young wrote a great tip on applying Pareto’s Principle to your Diet. Food – Record your eating habits for a week. Calculate up the calories of the different items of food. I’ve done this before and I’ve found it surprising how some treats contribute a high percentage of your calorie pie for no nutritional […]

Business Simpleweight

Why Build Simpleweight – Defining Simpleweight Success

Back stage, the building of Why did we build Simpleweight? With any project or goal, we personally like to define our own success. Yes, we are human, and of course we value other people’s opinion, but we really try to rely on our own internal value system. Consequently, before we started creating simpleweight, we […]


Weight Management Checklist

Ian McKenzie wrote a great self management checklist that we can apply to Weight management. Ian Writes: Some people look at self-management techniques as cumbersome, getting in the way of productivity. The truth is, if you look at successful and productive people, you’ll find some type of system guiding them. Give it a try. 1 […]

Nutrition Weigh-in

You Don't Diet?

Ever looked up the meaning of the word diet? Well here it is from Websters dictionary Main Entry: 1di·et 1 a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed b : habitual nourishment c : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason d : a regimen […]


Do I really eat 3790 calories a day?

When I first read at that Americans eat 3,790 calories a day, I thought that number is insane. Do we really eat that much, 3,790 calories a day?


Salad vs. Burger, What Should you pick?

I am amazed how much calories can be added to salads. The Consumerist wrote about the myth of salads. The salads didn’t seem to be a whole lot healthier than some of the regular sized sandwiches. Who knew that eating a full portion of, say, the BK Tendercrisp salad would result in consuming 210 more […]

Development Simpleweight

Simpleweight update released

We’re pleased to announce a bug release. We’ve added a few new features as well. For example, we simplified the Simpleweight Try It page. We added Resting Metabolic Heart-rate to our Daily Summary and Food in = Food Out equations. A whole bunch of small minor bug fixes. Thanks for using Simpleweight, and let us […]


New Release coming soon.

Ryan and I are putting the finishing touches on a new simpleweight release. We hope to release it very soon (no later than the end of May). The release contains both bug fixes and a few new features. We’ve added some more quick help content. Adjusted some of our pages to be more consistent. The […]


Time to start blogging

Welcome back blog. What’s a web application these days without a web blog? We’ve had our blog on the list of to do items for a while. As you can tell from our archive, we actually posted some articles. However, we decided to delay blogging simpleweight until we released a stable application. Well, simpleweight is […]